Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Train Runs Over Garry

  • Former Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy has been subpoenaed in the Jesse Jackson Jr. divorce case.

    The former Congressman and his wife, former Ald. Sandi Jackson, are in the middle of a nasty divorce. The subpoena asks McCarthy to turn over a wealth of information pertaining to a relationship to Sandi — dating back to 2012.

    It demands McCarthy turn over records of cash, checks, or property given to Ms. Jackson, including attorney’s fees, groceries, rent or clothing. The subpoena also asks the former superintendent to produce documents detailing what he received from her.

    Additionally, Jesse Jackson’s attorneys are seeking social media correspondence, photos, videos, emails and texts between McCarthy and Ms. Jackson.

    In response to the subpoena, McCarthy tells CBS 2: “I’m not going to comment on anything that stupid.”
So right after Garry starts vocally defending the Department and pointing fingers at Rahm and Rahm's law department, this comes out? Is someone sending Garry a message? This might have been fodder to keep Garry in line when he was in charge, or perhaps to dissuade him from running for some sort of office in the near future.


Garry Jumps on the Train

Now McCompStat is ripping the statistical methodology:
  • Former Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy is offering additional criticism about the federal report released last week that slams the Chicago Police Department for pervasive civil-rights violations.

    Where to begin?

    “It speaks in broad-brush terms. It really lacks specificity,” McCarthy tells CBS 2...


    If crime did decrease under McCarthy, was it at the expense of the civil rights of minorities, as the feds say?

    McCarthy says the data he saw as superintendent doesn’t back up the DOJ’s claims that minorities were disproportionately targeted by Chicago police.

    “It shows very clearly that our stops comport almost exactly with where, when and who civilian victims of crime were reporting,” he says.

    McCarthy adds: “Just to put it in perspective, us stopping 32 percent white folks in Englewood, which is 97 percent African-American and our most violent community, is not going to reduce crime there.”
He also points fingers at the Law Office:
  • As for suggestions of police cover-ups in high-profile cases like the Laquan McDonald shooting, which spurred the DOJ investigation, McCarthy pointed toward the city’s corporation counsel.

    “It was the corporation counsel of the city of Chicago who a made a deal with the attorneys for the family of Laquan McDonald. Gave them $5 million without filing a lawsuit as long as they don’t release the video,” he says.
So how long until Rahm throws Steve Patton under the proverbial bus?


"Statistical Evidence Not Required"

  • The most important statement in the Justice Department’s damning report on the Chicago Police Department has nothing to do with police behavior. Released on Friday, the report found the Chicago police guilty of a “pattern or practice” of unconstitutional force. But it turns out that the Justice Department has no standard for what constitutes a “pattern or practice” (the phrase comes from a 1994 federal statute) of unconstitutional police conduct. “Statistical evidence is not required” for a “pattern or practice” finding, the DOJ lawyers announce, citing unrelated court precedent. Nor is there “a specific number of incidents” required to constitute a “pattern or practice,” they proclaim.

    Having cleared themselves of any obligation to provide “a specific number of [unconstitutional] incidents” or a statistical benchmark for evaluating them, the DOJ attorneys proceed to ignore any further obligation of transparency. The reader never learns how many incidents of allegedly unconstitutional behavior the Justice Department found, nor how those incidents compare with the universe of police-civilian contacts conducted by the Chicago Police Department. No clue is provided regarding why the DOJ lawyers concluded that the alleged abuses reached the mysterious threshold for constituting a pattern or practice. Instead, the report uses waffle words like “several,” “often,” or “many” as a substitute for actual quantification. This vacuum of information hasn’t stopped the mainstream media from trumpeting the report as yet another exposé of abusive, racist policing. EXCESSIVE FORCE IS RIFE IN CHICAGO, U.S. REVIEW FINDS, read the headline on the New York Times’s front-page story, which went on to note that the excessive force was “chiefly aimed at African-Americans and Latinos.”
Then MacDonald goes on to expound on the point we brought up yesterday (and the point that the Sun Times "reporter" referenced in the post directly below completely missed), and she does it so much better than we were able to:
  • The report does disclose that the DOJ attorneys reviewed 425 incidents of less-than-lethal force between January 2011 and April 2016. But what proportion of total force incidents those 425 events represent or how many of those 425 incidents the federal lawyers found unconstitutional isn’t revealed. As to how many stops and arrests were made over that same time period that didn’t involve the use of force, the reader can only guess.

    We also learn that the federal civil rights team identified 203 officer-involved shootings between January 1, 2011, and March 21, 2016. How many of those were bad shootings? Fifteen? One hundred? The reader is left in the dark. The massive New York Police Department averaged 48 shootings a year from 2005 to 2015. The per-capita rate of officer shootings in the NYPD is therefore much lower than in the Chicago Police Department, which is about a third the size. But Chicago’s crime rate is much higher than New York’s; CPD officers confront many more armed and resisting suspects. It would have been useful to know how the ratio of officer-involved shootings to criminal shootings in Chicago compares to other cities. We don’t even learn how many of those 203 officer-involved shootings in Chicago were lethal.
We've bought a number of MacDonald's books, and it might behoove members of the so-called media to read her work, which is painstakingly footnoted, precise and (dare we say it) unbiased. Numbers are tortured so often to make them say things that don't stand up to rigorous academic scrutiny - it happens on both sides of the political divide. But when you have someone strip them down and explain the meaning and logical conclusions behind the numbers as MacDonald does, you'd have to be a moron (or a member of the press....but we repeat ourselves) to see anything but a half-assed hit job by an Administration on the way out.


Fourth Estate Follies

So someone who can't even be bothered to do their own research into substantive allegations made by this blog and its readers, decides that the police should just lay back and enjoy being lectured by our betters:
  • Judging by their responses in social media, many of the city’s police officers were totally unmoved by the findings of the federal government’s investigation into the Chicago Police Department.

    In the posts and comment sections of the Second City Cop blog, you won’t find any serious discussion of the many disturbing incidents or the systemic, dysfunctional practices detailed by the feds last week.
Sure you will. We've only just started critiquing the report. It takes time to read through 166 pages if you want to make sense of it, unlike many "journalists" who read the executive summary, skip entire sections, and accept everything the government feeds them like the good little mushrooms they are.

When you have to live under it, you take your time.
  • There was nearly unanimous scorn for a report that anonymous commenters dismissed as a “scam,” a “crock of s—” and “garbage” that was produced “for the sole purpose of advancing an agenda.”

    One Second City Cop commenter pointed out that the head of the U.S. Department of Justice division that conducted the investigation here had been “legal council” [sic] for the NAACP.

    “Bias everywhere!!!” that commenter concluded.
You think this DOJ lawyer was appointed to be fair? That she didn't bring innate biases to her work? Seriously? What makes her so different from us, seeing as how we (the police) bring every bias under the sun to our jobs - it says so in the report. Oh, right, leftists can't be biased, only the conservatives, right leaning, police types. Leftists are as pure as the driven snow. Judging by the report, "bias" is a very real explanation for the sloppy research and questionable conclusions.
  • You see, it’s the cops who are the victims here, despite the DOJ’s allegations that the department regularly violates constitutional rights.
No where have we personally posted that cops are the "victims." And this "journalist" even states in that sentence that these are "allegations." LAst time we checked, "allegations" mean there is no definitive proof. So why can't cops feel a little picked on? After all, there weren't dozens of journalists killed in the US last year.
  • Others consoled fellow officers by looking ahead to the inauguration of a new sheriff in D.C. on Friday, exactly one week after the report on the CPD was made public.

    They ain’t afraid of no feds. And why should they be? President-elect Donald Trump has picked an attorney general who shares their bedrock belief that they’ve been unfairly maligned after all the racially charged disputes across the country during the past couple years.
Have you tried that line of reasoning on Darren Wilson lately? He was cleared by the local, state and Obama's own Department of Justice, yet still can't find work. "Maligned" is by far the least of crimes committed by press. Same thing in Baltimore.
  • “Hopefully the DOJ run by adults under Trump will re-examine the report,” one commenter said on Second City Cop.

    The officer who authors the blog alleged the Justice Department sought to get information only from “people with ingrained prejudices against the police, people with histories versus the police, people whose livelihood relies on suing the police — people with axes to grind.”
We're pretty sick of this mope about now. But yeah, god forbid we ever demand a fair shake, an unbiased investigation without the stink of a political rush job before Administration changes, a report that properly samples the community, that doesn't properly document or cite where information is coming from.

But then when you work for a paper that endorsed Hillary Clinton, carried water for Shortshanks, then Rahm, failed to cover real verifiable corruption at the City, County, State and Federal levels, that regularly writes love letters to president Sparklefarts, well, why would the cops expect anything resembling legit reporting from them.

This is exactly how they got Trump.


Look Who Grew a Set

  • As the U.S. Justice Department asks Chicago to address deep flaws in police officers' use of force, a group of aldermen is accusing Mayor Rahm Emanuel's Law Department of enabling the misconduct and is asking federal authorities to investigate.

    The City Council's Progressive Caucus sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch last week, asking her to launch a federal review of the Law Department's federal civil rights litigation division, which has been sanctioned eight times during Emanuel's tenure for withholding possible evidence in police misconduct lawsuits, which it defends.

    "It looks as if the cover-up extends not only to leadership of the Police Department but to the corporation counsel and our lawyers as well," Ald. Roderick Sawyer, 6th, said in an interview. "I don't want that to happen."
Of course, there's no danger in asking Lynch to launch an investigation since she's gone this Friday. Having balls would be writing to Jeff Sessions to come into Chicago and investigate Rahm's Law Department, which has a checkered history of concealing evidence, suppressing videos and approving settlements prior to lawsuits even being filed.

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Procedural Justice Attendees

The brass is starting to attend this class finally:
  • Hey SCC,

    The Superintendent,  Robin Robinson, and several other high ranking members of the CPD are at the academy today for the 8 hour PJ class. 
They've been preaching it for so long without actually attending the class? You think they would have been the first in line since they're the "leaders."
  • The shitter of it is that police hater Jamal Green is also in attendance today. Sad when a man who has battered police officers on more than one occasion is now sitting in a class with officers. 
Word is he complained to Special Ed the whole time about the numerous felonies he's been battling in the courts. If he wouldn't attack the police, there would be less felonies to face.


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

DOJ Report

So we're about two-thirds of the way through, but far enough along to have drawn certain conclusions and formed opinions. This was put together by a politicized Department and an obviously partisan Administration for the sole purpose of advancing an agenda. That Hillary lost lent an unseemly speed to the conclusion and de-legitimizes many of the supposed "findings."

Evidence of haste can be found almost immediately:
  • Page 2, paragraph 3: 60 ride-alongs
Given that there are 279 police beats, three watches, that's 837 potential ride-alongs. Not to mention rapid response, traffic, 06, tact, saturation, gang enforcement, boats, horses, god knows how many administrative and undercover beats, there's probably nearly 1,200 potential ride-alongs in a 24 hour period. The DOJ claims they spent "300 person-days" here, that's 360,000 opportunities to ride-along.
  • .016% - sixteen thousandths of one percent
We've taken a few math courses in our time and this isn't even close to what would be considered a valid statistical representation. There's more:
  • 340 individual CPD members (out of a supposed 12,000 - 2.8%)
  • 1,000 community members (.037% of 2.7 million)
  • 90 community organizations (out of ?); are any citizens listed above part of this group?
  • "family members of individuals who were killed by CPD officers" (how many were justifiable shootings?); and again, are these persons from either of the previous groups?
  • "local researchers, academics, and lawyers who have studied CPD extensively for decades (gee, lets guess - Futterman, Ayers, Loevy, Protess - how close were we?)
In other words, people with ingrained prejudices against the police, people with histories versus the police, people whose livelihood relies on suing the police - people with axes to grind. How many of these "interviewees" fit into one or more of those categories? How many were selected at random, or did they all volunteer to come forward with their stories? We know that certain retirees who left or resigned under investigation were all to eager to sit with the DOJ to air their supposed "grievances."

More importantly, how many of these stories fall outside the supposed window of 2011 to 2016? Some? Many? All? We don't know because in every single example cited throughout the report, no dates are given. Some of these stories could be ten or twenty years old. Maybe more, seeing as how they bring up Burge who has been gone for almost 25 years now.

A slapdash report like this, with minimal footnotes and references, calls into question the validity of the rest of the "conclusions" if they're based on faulty metrics. But don't expect a lazy media in thrall to Rahm and his cronies to take any serious look behind the curtain.


Off Duty Shooting

  • A person was shot when an off-duty Chicago Police sergeant returned fire during a shooting Sunday evening in the Albany Park neighborhood.

    The Town Hall District sergeant was walking with several friends about 7:30 p.m. in the 4500 block of North Kedzie when a group of people in a dark-colored vehicle pulled up and instigated an argument, according to a statement from Chicago Police.

    The vehicle then pulled into a nearby business parking lot and turned around toward the sergeant and his friends to continue arguing, police said. Someone inside the vehicle brandished a gun and opened fire at the sergeant and the people he was with. The sergeant returned fire at the vehicle, which drove away.

    A short time later, a male showed up at Swedish Covenant Hospital with a gunshot wound to his head, police said. Investigators suspected he was involved in the shooting with the off-duty officer and searched the area around the hospital. A weapon was found in the hospital’s parking lot.
Good shot as he winged the assailant who had been firing at himself and his friends. Watch yourselves out there.


An Interesting Turn

  • Civil rights groups are concerned that the police will violate their rights during the Inauguration protests so they intend to record their behavior. Meanwhile, the ACLU is demanding that the police turn off their body worn cameras during the events.

    D.C. Police say their policy is to only record when there is a police activity and they do not consider monitoring protests an activity.

    “We are concerned what they will do with the data,” says Monica Hopkins-Maxwell of the District of Columbia ACLU.

    Ironically, at the same time the ACLU demands that the police not record their activities, they have launched a new app called “Mobile Justice” that encourages others to record law enforcement.
In light of the potential for directed disruption (leftists), terrorism (local and international), and 'protests' that morph into something more sinister, we'd think the every camera in the nation ought to be turned on this Friday.


We're In

  • Crime has taken over America’s inner-city communities. With sky-high murder rates and racial tensions worse than at any time in recent memory, many are beginning to wonder what can be done to make our communities safe again.

    Black Lives matter has an answer. They want to take police out of the communities altogether.

    It would certainly put an end to the officer-involved shootings that have enraged the black community. Without police officers, criminals would be free to shoot and kill whoever they want — and Black Lives Matter never seems to mind when a young black man is shot and killed by one of their own
And the Department could redirect those resources. Sounds like a win for everyone - under-served communities get more police, less payouts due to less confrontations so taxpayers win, less wear and tear on equipment since there will be less chases, funeral directors will experience a giant upswing in business....oh wait.


Monday, January 16, 2017

Messy Weekend - Police Shooting, Too

  • Twenty-four people have been shot across the city over the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday weekend, leaving seven dead, according to Chicago Police.

    Shortly after midnight on Sunday on the West Side, Chicago Police officers chased and shot an armed man several times in the East Garfield Park neighborhood, police said. Officers suspect he was involved in another shooting. Police found a 51-year-old woman shot in the chest and another woman who might have been injured in the initial shooting. The Independent Police Review Authority is investigating the incident.
The subject had just shot three other other people before being stopped by responding officers. No cops hurt, weapon recovered, and the Department of "Justice" far far away from there. According to, the west side has accounted for 5 of the deaths and 15 of the wounded.

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Initial Impressions

We continue to plow through the DOJ "Report" this weekend between jobs and deciding where lunch is going to be. We'll probably be addressing a bunch of items during the week.

However, how is it possible to take any of this seriously when there are so many factual errors and disguised half-truths?

Page 1, paragraph 4:
  • "...and the resignation of Chicago's police superintendent."
McCarthy was fired. Google it. He refused to resign and Rahm canned him after pledging to have his back not even 24-hours before.

Page 2, paragraph 3:
  • "In addition to speaking with the Superintendent..."
Which one? The guy running the show then? The DOJ says they couldn't find him - perhaps they forgot to ask the media who seems to have his direct number and calendar since he's never lacking for a quote. The current accidental Superintendent? He was one of the guys signing off on the McDonald shooting, was appointed to a job he never sought and is compromised by his bed mate's testing habits. How about the "Acting Supe," De-Escalante, who was "running things" when the DOJ arrived? No where to be heard from.

Page 16, paragraph 5:
  • The City is racially diverse: 33% of current residents are black, 32% are white, 29% are Latino, and 8% identify as Asian or multi-racial.
First of all, that's 102%.

Second, whites are the minority.

Oops. That kind of throws a wrench in the assumptions of the entire report. But hey, Lynch and Gupta and Obama wanted a certain result and they got it.

And again, look in our right-hand column of links right below the pictures - the one labeled "Problems Facing the Department." It's like Lynch stole stuff we've been writing about for a decade now, and we're Libertarian-Republicans.


Charity Hockey Game

As die hard hockey fans, we seldom miss these fundraisers:
  • The Chicago Police Department and Chicago Fire Department will face off in a charity hockey game Jan. 22. The game will be played from 6:50-8:30 p.m. at the Morgan Park Sports Center, at 11505 S. Western Ave. Tickets cost $10. Children 10 and younger can attend the rivalry game for free, according to Adam Katz, a police detective and hockey player who is among the organizers of the game.

    Proceeds from the event will be donated to Salute Inc., a charity that provides financial support to returning military men and women. Katz expects the game to raise about $10,000 for the Arlington Heights-based organization.
Good luck CPD.


And Once Again...

  • A veteran Chicago police detective has been relieved of police powers after she was charged with misdemeanor theft for trying to take about $200 worth of vitamins from a Lake View grocery on Friday afternoon, according to police and law enforcement sources.

    Law enforcement sources identified the female detective as [CH], a 12-year-veteran, who was arrested about 2 p.m. Friday after allegedly stealing the vitamins from the Whole Foods at 3300 N. Ashland Ave., the sources said.
At the time, there was no DOJ report outlining disparate disciplinary outcomes for connected people who managed to evade consequences for their illegal actions. Reading over the comments, people were sure she'd be fired.

Today, this arrived in the comment sections:
  • [CH], 45, XXXX W. Belmont Avenue, Chicago, IL was arrested on December 24, 2016 at 12:59 pm for theft of goods. A deputy responded to a complaint of shoplifting at a store in Bayou Vista. The deputy spoke with store security and learned that [H] was seen placing reading glasses into a book sack she was carrying. [H] was released on a summons to appear in court on March 8, 2017.
Any bets if she keeps her job this time with that DOJ report floating around? Special Ed and Rahm made all sorts of appropriately conciliatory noises for the media. What kind of noises are they going to make about the two-and-three tiers of discipline the Department operates under?

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Hey Toni, You Ready for This?

Philly voters just learned how badly they got screwed by a democrat:
  • Soft drink shoppers are experiencing “sticker shock” at steep price hikes on their favorite products after a massive soda tax went into effect in Philadelphia Sunday.

    The contentious soda tax secured passage in June but consumers in Philadelphia are still flabbergasted by the price increases the tax is sparking. In some cases, shoppers found that they were paying more for the soda tax than the actual product they were purchasing. The 1.5 cents per ounce tax on sugary drinks is implemented at the distribution level, meaning retailers must choose how much of the cost to pass onto consumers at the shelves. A 12-pack of Lipton Diet Green Tea at a Save-A-Lot in the city is now priced at $8.03, instead the $4.99 it costed in December, reports WPVI.
And how did such a thing happen? Someone failed Economics 101:
  • After driving up the cost of soda and other sugary drinks with a new tax, the mayor of Philadelphia is now trying to blame businesses for charging higher prices

    [...] "They're gouging their own customers," [Mayor] Kenney said

    [...] The distributors sells five-gallon boxes of syrup that can be used in soda fountains, and each box costs a retailer about $60. Thanks to the city's new tax, though, retailers have to pay $57.60 in taxes for each of those boxes of syrup.

    "We're not talking about a couple of bucks on a $60 item," Andy Pincus, who owns Carbonator Rental Services, told Newsworks. "We're talking about $57.60 on a $60 item. It's too big not to pass on."
Prickwrinkle raised the County tax a penny per ounce, but it's still going to bite consumers hard. It's going to bite businesses even harder when people start shopping in surrounding counties and even Indiana. And remember, Prickwrinkle herself broke the tie vote, casting the deciding vote at the Board meeting.

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Assaults on CPD Way Up

  • Chicago police officers faced multiple attacks in 2016, one of the most violent years in the city’s history.

    Thirty-one officers were shot at in 2016, a 82 percent increase over 2015 numbers, the Chicago Police Department told The Daily Caller News Foundation. Only 17 officers were shot at in 2015.

    Nine officers reported gun-shot wounds in 2016, the CPD told The DCNF, but zero died as a result.

    “These emboldened criminals are responsible for destroying families and communities as well as dozens of attacks on Chicago police officers in 2016,” Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson said at a press conference.
Sooooo....Officers being attacked at a higher rate just might translate into and higher number of incidents of Use of Force?

Hey Special Ed? Any way we can get the racial breakdown of the assailants? Or is that a "no-go zone" for you? Rahm told you not to defend the Department?


Narcan Order Coming?

From an e-mail:
  • ...heads up, new order is in the works to get us all trained with Narcan and no more OD dupes to the ambos. We will administer and transport ourselves. Order is written and just going through the approval with CFD and CPD.

    And CFD is footing the bill for training and equiping us.
Any Waiver of Liability in the works? Supposedly, this is administered as a nasal spray. So what if the addict doesn't react? How many doses are we authorized to give?

What if the addict is so far gone, he ain't never coming back? Are we to pronounce them? Seems you need a paramedic for that.

What if he walks to your squad car for transport and goes down again, maybe this time a heart attack from the years of drug abuse. We're going to wait how longer for ambulance to arrive?

What if you walk him to the squad and he decides not to go? He's not in custody, so what's the liability if he walks off and dies later? He already ingested the drugs, so what's the PC to detain him?

Let's go full-on stupid - what if you don't get there fast enough for Rahm, the junkie dies and someone says you deliberately slow-rolled the response knowing it was "just an OD, just another junkie." Who's going to make that determination - the DOJ? We're risking our careers, livelihood and property for someone who purposefully, willingly puts poison in their bodies?

Even better, will an ISR be completed?

So many questions, so much liability.


Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Report

We're going to take a day or so to read it. So far, there's nothing surprising in it. In fact, we based an entire 10.5 years of blogging pointing out just about everything covered in the DOJ report:
  • Training is inadequate
  • Promotions are crooked
  • Discipline is non-existent if you're connected
Somehow we missed the racism of tens-of-thousands of minorities killing tens-of-thousands of other minorities. Don't know how we missed it.

You can use this thread to point out the inanities of the DOJ rush to judgement.

We say "rush" because while it took nearly two years to find that Baltimore (a city with a black mayor, a black chief prosecutor, a black police chief and a department that's majority black) was inescapably racist, it only took 13 months to find CPD (a department almost five times as large), was also inescapably racist.


Buy Your Own?

  • MISHAWAKA, Ind. (AP) — The northern Indiana city of Mishawaka has a new policy that allows police officers to wear body cameras if they purchase the equipment themselves.

    The policy went into effect last week after the city and police department discussed the issue for a year to work out guidelines, including how to store and handle the recordings.

    Patrolman Brian Long tells the South Bend Tribune he is wearing a body camera to give him peace of mind. He calls it a "good insurance policy." Long says the camera can gather evidence and is a way to establish trust with the community. He says it also is a safety net if officers need to prove they were correct.

    Uniform division chief Jason Stefaniak says about 10 officers are wearing their own cameras and about a dozen others are considering buying them.
As an added bonus, you should be able to keep a copy for yourself and circulate around to Hollywood agents to see if you can get "discovered."


Friday, January 13, 2017


Sneed comes up with some stuff that just makes us shake our heads sometimes:
  • Activist priest Michael Pfleger predicts the Chicago Police Department is going to get a licking when the clock stops ticking Friday.
Really? Awesome - what kind of licking?
  • “I was told by Vanita Gupta,head of the department’s civil rights division, that the Chicago Police probe by the Department of Justice is going to send a message to the rest of the country when it comes to the abuse of civil rights,” said Pfleger, a Roman Catholic pastor whose South Side parish has been ravaged by drugs, street gangs and murder.

    • To wit: The U.S. Department of Justice is releasing a yearlong report on civil rights and constitutional violations by the Chicago Police Department on Friday, which could place Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s political career on tenterhooks.

    “She told me there would be no limits on who they would talk to,” he said. “No place they would not investigate and search. No one would be protected. It was a search to find the truth,” said Pfleger, who tells Sneed he was interviewed by the DOJ six times last year.....
Wait, what? Pfleger was interviewed 6 times by the DOJ? And McCarthy was interviewed how many again? Oh yeah - zero. What could this pfake pfony priest possibly have had insight into that McCarthy didn't?

If that doesn't tell every decent thinking person in the city what this report is all about, then there is no hope for Chicago. The premier paleface apologist for thug culture and disobedience of diocesan rules is somehow an expert on police procedure? If that doesn't take the cake.....

Rahm? You're letting this pissant run around telling everyone he has more information than you do? Letting Sneed imply that your political career is on "tenterhooks"? Phfleger is talking to the DOJ more than you it looks like. Is the tutu a little too-too tight around the nether regions lately?

And Blase? Not one fucking dime.



And that's all the Sun Times can talk about (seeing as how they're all professionally vested in maintaining the current narrative).

First, Rahm says it's coming no matter what! (...but....)
  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Thursday there is no turning back on the road to police reform, but he would not promise to turn the agreement in principle he intends to sign with the U.S. Justice Department into a consent decree.
Really? He's not promising to sign the agreement so we can find out what's in the agreement? He's actually taking the smart road? Or course he is - he knows that there is going to be zero funding coming from DC to run a Consent Decree. And if he's really unlucky, Trump is going to undercut all of the so-called "sanctuary cities," so Rahm's coffers are going to be extremely bare shortly.
  • Former Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy blasted the Justice Department on Thursday, saying the feds have wrongly focused on whether officers have been stopping African-Americans disproportionately.

    McCarthy also blamed City Hall for “flipping over the table” on Chicago cops in 2016.


    “They’ve already adopted the battle cry over and over again that we are disproportionately stopping African-Americans, and their conclusion is that we are biased and racially profiling,” he said of the DOJ. “They’re wrong.”

    McCarthy pointed to statistics on officers’ street stops in 2013 and 2014 to highlight his position that policing during his tenure was based on crime data — and didn’t violate citizens’ rights.

    The statistics, which he had previously presented during a speech to the City Club of Chicago in September, show the percentage of black and white people stopped over that period were almost identical to the percentage of black and white people suspected of crimes.
As we've been pointing out for years. Anyone remember this map?

Of course you don't, because no one in the media reported it except It shows exactly where all the killings were last year. And wonder of wonders, those kind of look like economically depressed, drug market infested, majority-minority neighborhoods where "Hope and Change" went to die. Thinking people might assume that that's where the most police resources are sent...and they might be correct, except that's where all the accusations of stopping too many minorities will be coming from, so the cops are essentially handcuffed from doing anything that might possibly be construed as a Civil Rights violation.


Insurance Debacle Hits Media

And the City claims they're working on a fix (warning - Tribune link):
  • Some city employees who have gone to doctors and pharmacists since the start of the New Year have been told they no longer have health insurance, a mistake in the automatic renewal process that City Hall officials said Wednesday would soon be corrected.

    "The city's health care vendors reported a technical error to the city's benefits division last week and are working to correct the error," city spokeswoman Mary Kay Accurso said in a prepared statement, adding that it affected both HMO and PPO members. "These employee insurance plans remain active, and there should be no issues accessing coverage once the issue is resolved."

    The problem became public when someone anonymously posted on a Chicago police blog about being turned away from a doctor's office and also being told by a pharmacy worker that his wife's $10 co-pay for generic heart medication would now cost him $590. Others weighed in with similar experiences, identifying Blue Cross-Blue Shield as the insurer.
Because Blue Cross-Blue Shield is so unaware of how to run an insurance business that they'd just assume without any sort of notice that the entire City of Chicago (one of their biggest clients) would stop insuring its employees on the First of January. That's totally believable.


Armed Good Samaritan

  • A man traveling to California came to the rescue of a wounded state trooper who was struggling with the gunman who had shot him on an isolated stretch of Interstate 10, authorities said.

    The man, who was with his wife, stopped his car when he came upon a rollover accident and saw the struggle, according to Col. Frank Milstead, Arizona Department of Public Safety director.

    The trooper told the man he needed help, and the man returned to his car, got his gun and fired at the assailant when he refused to listen to orders to stop and back away, Milstead said.
Good thing an upstanding citizen with a gun was around to help.


Thursday, January 12, 2017

DOJ Report Friday!

Let the Countdown begin! (warning - Tribune link)
  • The U.S. Department of Justice plans to announce it has found the Chicago Police Department engaged in a pattern or practice of conduct that violated the U.S. Constitution, two sources with knowledge of the investigation told the Tribune.

    U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch will make the announcement Friday, according to the sources, but the details were still being worked out Wednesday.

    It could not be learned how sweeping the conclusions of the 13-month investigation would be, but the two sources said the Justice Department found constitutional abuses of citizens by Chicago police.
Lynch, who ought to have been indicted herself for meeting with the husband of a subject under investigation for numerous breaches of Federal Law, is flying in for the big event.

The Sun Times has a quote from McCompStat about how disappointed he is:
  • Word of the Justice Department announcement came as former Police Supt. Garry McCarthy said he is “disappointed” that federal investigators who have been probing the police department’s practices didn’t consult with him.

    “I was never interviewed, so I can only speculate what is in that report based on what I’ve seen in other cities,” McCarthy told a reporter in a text message.
Garry, no one has to consult with you because they know exactly what you're going to say - the same thing you said in New York and the same thing you said in Newark, both Departments which ended up under some form of Federal Consent Decree......

Hey, wait a minute.....maybe that's the connection? Anywhere Garry goes, a Federal Consent Decree follows? Stop the Presses!!!


U of C to Offer Reward - to Lie

  • The University of Chicago’s admissions office is offering a reward to its student tour guides who can dispel the notion among prospective students and their families that the city is "unsafe" and "scary."

    In an email obtained by The Chicago Maroon, Colleen Belak, the assistant director of admissions at the university, offered a $500 cash prize to those who find "a creative way to dispel the negative perception" about Chicago's violence epidemic.

    “If you’ve paid attention to the national news (or Donald Trump’s tweets) over the last few months, you’ll notice that the city of Chicago is often painted with a broad brush as an ‘unsafe’ or ‘scary’ place to reside,” Belak wrote to the campus tour guide listhost. “Of course, certain realities should not be ignored, but at the end of the day most of us are proud Chicago residents with a deep love of the city.”

    “With that spirit in mind, we have an opportunity for you to win some money—$500 to be exact. If you are able to come up with a creative way to approach this negative perception, be it a video series, blog post, photo, or something else (and better) entirely… Keep in mind that the audience is a high school student and his/her family.”
While the U of C is respected around the globe as a particularly excellent university, it should be noted that they are an island, a very tiny island, surrounded by some of the most violent and depraved sections of Chicago.

Perhaps some of our readers would like to assist the University with the "message" to potential incoming students?


Homicide Numbers Even Higher?

  • The record-setting violence in Chicago is even worse than announced as new evidence shows the city suffered 50 more homicides last year than the numbers publicly reported in the past week.

    The city posted a decades-high homicide count of 812 in 2016, per the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office. That’s 15% greater than the 762 murders reported by the city's police department.

    The discrepancy is largely due to the fact that the county tallies “homicides” while the police number counts “murders.” Murders are defined as violent acts subject to criminal prosecution. Homicides, according to the medical examiner, include instances “when the death of a person comes at the hand of another person. This does not imply that all homicides are murders that would be subject to criminal prosecution.”

    The city police count is also lower because it excludes violent, intentional deaths if the act is deemed justified, including police killings of residents.
And had 796, which is the closest thing to reality we can locate.

UPDATE: We're told that the six dead actually occurred in 008 in the opening days of February. So how did 009 end up with 6 homicides in 11 days last year? That place was outta control!


SeeBS Strikes Again

  • A CBS Radio News report on the horrific black-on-white torture case in Chicago falsely implied that the victim was black and his attackers were white, Mediaite reported.

    On Friday, a listener on Reddit flagged the brief Thursday morning report which refused to clarify the races of the parties involved, deceptively suggesting that the roles were reversed:

    The viral video of a beating and knife attack in Chicago suggests the assault had racial overtones. CBS’s Dean Reynolds tells us the victim is described as a mentally-challenged teenager.

    In the video he is choked and repeatedly called the n-word. His clothes are slashed and he is terrorized with a knife. His alleged captors repeatedly reference Donald Trump. Police are holding four people in connection with the attack.
Leaving out all descriptors of the offenders and victim - you see exactly what impression the media was attempting to portray. SeeBS removed the offending report as soon as they were caught without correction or attribution.

This ties in with the State's Attorney initial hesitation to charge along with Duffin's comments that this was just high spirited children having fun.


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wait...Crime ISN'T Down?

  • There are stunning new crime numbers from the FBI: in Chicago, it isn't just murders and shootings that are up - it is all violent crime.

    Newly-obtained FBI data show that the crime surge in Chicago goes beyond the end of a gun. Overall violent crime - an umbrella figure that includes murder, rape, robbery and assault - jumped significantly here the first half of last year, an increase more than four times higher than the rest of the nation.

    According to this FBI report, violent crime in the U.S. increased a little more than five percent the first half of last year. But in Chicago during the same period, overall violent crime heaved 24 percent.

    While the numbers were driven by a surge in Chicago murders - 49 percent higher than the previous year - FBI data show the increase in all violent crime categories in Chicago is significantly outpacing the nation, with aggravated assault up 23 percent and robbery 28 percent higher
And those are just the stats for the first half of 2016, meaning every time Special Ed or anyone claimed "crime was down," they were lying. Anyone want to guess what the total increase in crime was once they figure out the second half of the year? It certainly didn't go down, that's for sure.

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Don't Fall for Retro

You younger kids don't remember the Newsletters that used to come out around Contract time, where Bill Nolan would close every single article with "...and enjoy your retro pay," as if that was the sole factor in determining how we'd vote on a contract.

In many cases, however, he was correct. Coppers looked at the short term money that the City had held hostage (without interest we might add), and disregarded serious issues that had real long-term consequences on seniority, discipline, or bidding rights. Cops finally started to wake up around 1997 or so and the Contract that Nolan presented to the members went down in a spectacular ball of flaming wreckage that also also led to the entire eviction of the Nolan ticket (including Dean Angelo).

We're coming up to another negotiating year and you young kids are going to hear a lot of things. Here's your chance to prove you're smarter than all of us dinosaurs were back in the day:
  • Don't be distracted by the "promise" of a retro check
Don't sweat the money issue. We'd suggest that the FOP ignore it, too. In fact, we'd go so far as to recommend that the FOP demand no more and no less than what Rahm awarded his inner circle in terms of percentage raises, and then walk away from that issue (Reminder - it was double digits).

Instead, concentrate on the following:
  • Round up the Baby Furlo Day to a full day
  • Round up the vacation time to full days, not hours;
  • Lower the time to hit maximum pay via compression - every other city maxes out at 20 years;
  • Restore Duty Availability to the kids - you got fucked last Contract;
  • If anyone says "More cars," throw them out of the FOP;
  • Refuse to negotiate disciplinary changes;
  • Reduce "merit" percentages
In fact, demand "transparency" from the City. For too long, everyone has to be "transparent" except the City. Screw that and screw them:
  • Post the "merit" picks;
  • post their sponsor;
  • post the entire promotional list in rank order so that everyone can see exactly how many spots the connected jumped up (justify that one);
  • post a real and attainable set of targets that cops can actually strive for in order to be Merit.
We'd also like to see how sergeants who had to be assisted over the finish line ("merit") a few short years ago suddenly manage to score #1, #2 and #3 on the current Lieutenants list, but since that crosses different Union lines, we'll probably never see that unless it reaches a Federal courtroom. Right Special Ed?

Anyway, the big issue is going to be reducing your Rights and protections under the contract. Money should take a back seat to all of this. Numerous bad actors are claiming that the Contract is "racist" somehow and protects bad cops. We aren't exactly sure how. A document that protects the Rights of coppers of all colors, creeds and orientations is nothing that needs alteration.


Race to "Overhaul"

  • With just days until Donald J. Trump is sworn in as president, the Obama administration is making a last-minute push for police overhauls in two of the nation’s most violent cities, Baltimore and Chicago, where officers have been accused of routinely mistreating African-Americans.

    In Chicago, where a city task force appointed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel concluded that “the police have no regard for the sanctity of life when it comes to people of color,” the Justice Department is rushing to wrap up a sweeping investigation into police patterns and practices, prompted by the release of a chilling video that showed a white officer shooting a black teenager. The findings are expected to be released before Jan. 20, Inauguration Day.

    Such an investigation is typically the first step toward a consent decree in which a police department is required to make significant changes under court supervision. But in Chicago, President Obama’s Justice Department is running out of time to pursue such an order, and activists fear that the Trump administration will abandon the effort.

    Here in Baltimore, where Justice Department officials have already released a blistering report accusing the police of systematic racial bias, negotiators for the city and the Obama administration are “getting very close” to agreement on a consent decree, Mayor Catherine E. Pugh said. An announcement is likely on Thursday; the United States attorney general, Loretta E. Lynch, is scheduled to deliver a speech on community policing at the University of Baltimore.
As we said the other day, government rushing around, especially a lame duck government, never leads to anything good. If Rahm had half a brain, he'd let the clock run out. But he's beholden to a dying political regime and desperately attempting to re-make his image for another run for office.


Are You Insured?

Anyone know if Rahm has fixed this fuck-up yet?
  • Please have all the members call up Blue Cross Blue Shield and make sure they have coverage. I currently have HMO and was at the doctors office today and was refused service, stating that I currently do not have insurance. I checked the BLue Cross website and it states that my insurance was cancelled on 01Jan17.

    I made no changes to my insurance plan from 2016. I called Walgreens to pick up my medication for my wife and the total for her heart medication which is normally $10 generic, was $590.00 dollars. Please SCC let the guys and girls know what is going on..........
Supposedly, there's a "fix" in the works, but the last recommendation we heard is "bring your charge card to the doctor." That's just fucking great - is the City reimbursing the double-digit interest charged for something that should have been covered?

Does anyone have any doubt this was a deliberate machination on the part of Rahm to stick it in everyone's ear again? How about a class-action lawsuit to make things right? Every insurance company knows that the City just didn't cancel all employees' insurance on 01 January, yet there are a sizable number of workers facing months of hassles, phone calls and letters to get their money back. Find and assign the blame and make them pay for the errors.


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Contract Talks Coming

Is everyone ready for this? FOP, we're looking at you:
  • The phrase “police union contracts” likely won’t appear in the U.S. Department of Justice report on the Chicago Police Department, set to be released this week. The DOJ has historically not made labor recommendations after its investigations of police practices.

    But the contracts have become a focal point for civil rights groups, activists, and even some politicians since the 2015 release of the Laquan McDonald video that triggered the DOJ’s civil rights investigation. The video of Officer Jason Van Dyke fatally shooting the black 17-year-old paralyzed the city with protests, toppled a police chief and state’s attorney, and renewed citywide calls for policing reform.

    In the weeks after the video’s release, aldermen said for the first time that the labor contracts were a significant barrier to police accountability for misconduct. They promised to remove provisions that make it harder for the city to investigate and discipline officers.

    Those promises will be put to the test this year as the city renegotiates its contracts with the four unions representing officers, sergeants, lieutenants and captains. Historically, the contracts have been negotiated behind closed doors by the city’s law department and approved unanimously by the City Council.
"unanimously"? Is that true? We recall a number of contracts being negotiated and approved and someone always raised some sort of objections. The aldercreatures have always had input and believe it or not, the final say-so. Just because they were rubber stamps to Shortshanks and Rahm doesn't mean the FOP was some negotiating Superman. We got what the City gave us or what the arbitrator awarded us. The police can't strike, so we've ALWAYS operated from a weaker position. (cue liberal heads exploding)

Fortunately, they've revealed their game plan, so the FOP can be prepared:
  • The task force identified about a dozen provisions that it said discouraged citizens from filing complaints, made it easier for officers to lie in official reports, and made it harder for the city to identify and discipline officers who are responsible for misconduct.

    For example, the contracts prohibit the filing of anonymous complaints, allow officers 24 hours after a shooting before they can be interviewed by investigators, give officers the right to amend their statements to investigators after reviewing video or audio evidence, and ban rewards for whistleblower officers.
We suppose the FOP could just offer one proposal to counter this. Agree to abide by the same provisions that the FBI operates under. After all, if' it's good enough for the federal government, it has to be good enough for the CPD, right?

In any event, keep a close eye on everything that both sides do. Whomever is negotiating this time had better be open and upfront about what's going on.

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Not at All Rosy

  • Chicago and New York rank at the bottom of a new analysis of fiscal strength based primarily on data from 2015 financial reports issued by the cities themselves. The analysis includes 116 U.S. cities with populations greater than 200,000. See the full rankings here.

    Chicago’s position at the bottom of the ranking is no surprise to anyone who follows municipal finance. The Windy City has become a poster child for financial mismanagement, having suffered a series of ratings downgrades in recent years. Aside from having thin reserves and large volumes of outstanding debt, Chicago is notorious for its underfunded pension plans.

    For example, the city’s Municipal Employees' Annuity and Benefit Fund (MEABF) reported $4.7 billion in assets and $14.7 billion of actuarially accrued liabilities at the end of 2015, representing a funded ratio of just 33 percent. The actuarial calculations rely on a controversial practice of discounting future benefits at a rate of 7.5 percent, which is the assumed return on the fund’s portfolio return. If a more conservative assumption was employed, MEABF’s liabilities would be higher and its funded ratio lower.
The article admits that the impacts of Rahm's most recent tax hikes and increased employee contributions aren't fully known yet. A lot of it is going to depend on the Federal Governments attitude toward business and that effect on various markets.

But New York City is in second place, and that's even with a booming real estate market and a supposed "bull" market underway. We're going to go out on a limb and suggest that democrats being in charge has something to do with it.

In any event, Rahm's predictions of sunshine, rainbows and a unicorn in every garage deserve a closer look and a wary eye.


So About that Unarmed Police Force

Given the recent shooting at the Fort Lauderdale airport, it might be time to refresh everyone's memory about this:
  • If armed terrorists rushed the front entrances at Chicago's airports they would find more than half of all uniform police officers at O'Hare and Midway are unarmed.

    At O'Hare and Midway not all 500 sworn police officers are created equal. Regular Chicago police carry guns. City Aviation Department police do not, even though they all undergo law enforcement training and certification. The unarmed airport police say that would be a problem in a terrorist attack.

    With passengers scattering in Istanbul, authorities say armed police near the front door brought down at least one of the terrorists and stopped him from shooting even more people before blowing himself up.

    At Chicago's airports there are about 230 armed Chicago police officers and nearly 300 unarmed aviation police.
Someone said that there is a movement afoot (once again) to arm the D.O.A. Police, so they don't end up DOA in the event of an attack. Remember, these are the officers who were told to "run and hide" in the event of an attack. That isn't going to be helpful.

And yes, we realize the D.O.A. Police have their share of political hacks and misfits - so do we. We would say that could be cured with an influx of training and money, but this is Chicago - who knows what Rahm would do with the money?


Monday, January 09, 2017

HQ Meeting Revisited

Looking at our post and the resultant comments about the HQ Meeting, we have these other points to bring up:
  • OK with getting federal $$$, not with national guard. Not good for community relationships;
Yes, they're great to have in the event of a natural disaster, and they have all sort of equipment for moving things around. But their Rules of Engagement are far far different from ours. Their involvement would be for show - they wouldn't be allowed to surround a city block, level a building full of insurgents call in gunship support, snipe dope dealers and gang bangers - things they excel at. Special Ed has this one correct.
  • FTO most important spot in department. Partners will be able to be FTO's together. Partners will work with a recruit in their car. FTO get one merit spot for every 30 people in every Sgt class;
Highly doubtful. As someone pointed out, who gets the pay? And the half-hour? And what's the point of having two FTO's ride around with one PPO when you could have twice the number of cars on the street with one-on-one instruction? This sounds like something to tell the FTO's to keep them from jumping ship once they find out they're being lied to....again.
  • "Need video evidence to get protestors arrested for agg assaults to p.o."
We're still shaking our heads at this one. We've gotten charges approved for Aggravated Assault dozens, even tens of dozens of times in the era before video. What changed? Are we to assume the cops are always lying absent video proof? If that's the attitude of the Superintendent, then rest assured, everyone will be embracing "fetality" far more enthusiastically than ever before..
  • Hired outside firm for performance evaluations. Should be part of promotional process;
Any word on whom this is going to be? Because the performance evaluation system is a joke.

This last item intrigues us as it opens up a whole can that Special Ed obviously didn't even think about:
  • More people from patrol promoted over people in units, because in a unit you're already taken care of;
You know what Special Ed? We're going to take you up on this one. Because you know what it entails?
  • Show everyone the "merit"
You want us to believe you? Post the "merit" picks. Post them all. Show us that Patrol is where the picks are coming from. Show us to that all the Unit people dumped back to Patrol right before a promotional class are actually being promoted in rank order and not in some sleight of hand effort to conceal this obvious lie. Show everyone the "merit" lists from this point forward and we'll believe everything else you tell us for your term as Superintendent. Otherwise....

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Captains Coming

The resumes have been submitted and interviews are on tap. This is all theater of course - the picks are already made:
  • Wait 'till you see who they are going to make captain. Most will have been sergeants only two years ago. No one with five or more years in lieutenant grade. Certainly no one in the kma. Club
Anyone with the old "merit" lists should have them ready to compare. We're going to bet 80% of the new captains will have had at least one "merit" promotion in their immediate past.


Peace Circles?

Um, what the fuck is this? Granny's last legacy?

This is from a new Special Order titled "Bridging the Divide." It looks and sounds like some left coast hippie bullshit, which makes us suspect Granny Clampett.

Any bosses want to try to explain this crap before we laugh you out of the Roll Call?


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