Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

A safe and happy holiday to all our readers. Hopefully, even the on-duty guys and gals got a little turkey and stuffing before or after work, a pot-luck set up among co-workers, or even an appreciative local establishment. Posting will be sporadic/delayed as we nap after football.


Seven Point Underdogs

Is the streak in jeopardy?

Even we don't know - but that turkey in the oven is about to get a whuppin'!


Ferguson Rumor

  • This witness was scared. He had Googled himself and found the phrase: "Snitches get stitches."

    He was scared that black neighbors would find fault with his description of what happened when a white police officer, Darren Wilson, shot dead an unarmed black man, Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Mo.

    He was scared that white supremacists would accuse him of hurting Wilson's case. "I do think of the Ku Klux Klan. I do," he told investigators.

    From the first day a grand jury met, it is clear that fear and anxiety played major roles in the struggle to paint a precise picture of what unfolded between Wilson and Brown on Aug. 9.
This is typical in gang prosecutions. The Soto murder here a few years ago had this happen time-and-time-again. All the laws in the world aren't going to protect a witness that gangs (or neighborhoods) are pushing to testify a certain way. This is one reason to lock people into Grand Jury statements as soon as possible.

Now this rumor has popped up in Ferguson:
  • Ferguson authorities are perplexed by the strange murder of DeAndre Joshua, whose body was found on Tuesday morning near where Michael Brown’s was killed in August.

    Joshua, 20, was found dead inside a parked car just two blocks from where the Michael Brown murder took place. Now, rumors are swirling that Joshua testified as an eyewitness to this killing in front of the grand jury, and that he himself was murdered as retribution for this testimony.

    “DeAndre Joshua, 20, fits the social profile of an eye-witness who gave a police/FBI statement and testified before the Grand Jury in the Mike Brown shooting case,” writes the Conservative Treehouse blog. “He was an employed black male, with no history of drug use or illicit behavior. He was also a friend of Dorian Johnson who is currently under protection.”
We would certainly hope this wasn't the case, a witness being murdered for testimony given, but it isn't out of the realm of possibility.

If true, would be an indelible mark against the media, the race baiters, Eric Holder and yes, even the president. By stoking and fanning the flames, by pushing a race-based incident where none existed, by ignoring the legal processes and pushing for a verdict that fit a narrative instead of the evidence, they may have cost a man his life for the "crime" of simply telling the truth.

And that is a blow that the system will be hard pressed to withstand.


100% Discount

This isn't a new method of burglary by any stretch, but it seems to be gaining traction throughout the region:
  • Barreling a vehicle through a store's thick glass window, the masked thieves smash a path toward their target: expensive jeans, handbags or jewelry.

    They scurry to grab as much high-end merchandise as can fit in their arms, then hustle from the scene. In a flash, they're gone with goods often worth tens of thousands of dollars.

    A growing number of Chicago-area retailers have been hit by these audacious, well-organized burglaries in recent weeks, adding a new twist on the typical "smash-and-grab" heist as the holiday shopping season begins full-throttle.

    Just last week eight burglars wearing masks and gloves slammed a car early in the morning through the front door of a Louis Vuitton store at a mall in Northbrook, fleeing with top-flight purses and other merchandise.
  • A swarm of as many as 20 thieves stripped a West Side clothing store of jeans and shoes after crashing a van through the front doors early Wednesday, according to police and store workers.

    "This was a planned attack," said one worker, who did not want to be identified. "They gathered everything they knew was expensive. All the good stuff."

    [...]In a pattern that has been seen across the Chicago area over the last few months, the thieves drove through the doors of the Cisco Nyc store in the 4000 block of West Madison Street around 4:15 a.m., according to police.

    The red Dodge Caravan came to rest well inside the store while at least three other cars pulled up, according to store workers. As many as 20 people then spread out and cleared the shelves within minutes, according to police and store workers. They even stripped clothes off mannequins, they said.
Maybe a couple big pointy steel spikes at windshield height might dissuade these ne'er-do-wells?


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Nine to Vie for Mayor

  • At least nine candidates filed to run against Emanuel.

    In addition to Garcia and Fioretti, they include: municipal consultant Amara Enyia, former Ald. Robert Shaw, Chicago police Officer Frederick Collins, businessman Willie Wilson, Fenton C. Patterson, Gerald Sconyers and perennial candidate William "Dock" Walls.

    Asked whether he would be willing to hold debates with his opponents, Emanuel said "there will be a time for debate" but did not say how many debates he would be willing to take part in.
Yeah...sure he is. Rahm is Nixon on television. He comes across as extremely unlikeable, arrogant and condescending, kind of like that asshole Gruber who calls the American voter stupid. Rahm knows better than you and by golly, it's all about the children you know.

One of the candidates could put a dent in Rahm's numbers tomorrow if they promised to get rid of the speed and red light cameras.


Open Warfare on Police

The New York Times went and published Officer Darren Wilson's new home address and the usual suspects are already planning to invade the neighborhood and march. God only knows what other lowlifes who have openly posted bounties on Officer Wilson are going to do with the information.

This is insane. Rather than report the news that occurred, the media has been complicit in fanning the flames of violence, deliberately misreporting information, propagating lies, refusing to report factual information uncovered at the Grand Jury and pretty much attempting to generate a narrative for a left wing agenda.

Unacceptable by any stretch of the imagination. But the left embraces this behavior.

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Conspiracy Theories - Right on Schedule

Since the Grand Jury didn't come back with a verdict the Left wanted, it's time for the tin-foil hats to come out:
  • Somehow, there’s always an excuse for rioting in Ferguson. Remember the militarization of the police? Back in August, it was allegedly provoking otherwise law-abiding people into acts of mayhem because they were so angered by the sight of military-style equipment. Then, the police backed off and businesses were ransacked anyway. At another point, the authorities supposedly provoked more unrest by releasing video of Michael Brown robbing a store. Now, it is the timing of the announcement that Officer Wilson won’t be charged that we’re told is responsible for all the property damage and arson. Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post had a theory on Morning Joe this morning that the announcement was timed to maximize the rioting so as to distract from the non-indictment. Really? Every one last night missed the fact that Wilson isn’t being charged?
But here's a theory that might actually hold water and be the subject of some investigations:
  • Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, a Republican, is demanding that the state’s Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon offer a public explanation as to why he told the National Guard which he had previously mobilized to stand down in Ferguson, Missouri, on Monday night as the city burned in riots.

    On Fox News on Tuesday morning, Kinder told anchor Martha MacCallum that Nixon kept the National Guard away as Ferguson burned—and questioned whether he did so in coordination with top officials from President Barack Obama’s administration. At a Tuesday press conference in response to a question from Breitbart News’ Kerry Picket, Nixon said that Kinder’s questions were “false and absurd” and that “politics has nothing to do with what anyone up here is doing.”
Politics has everything to do with Ferguson it seems. And a few thousand National Guard troops mobilized to prevent rioting and looting sitting on the asses during the most intense rioting and looting? Someone better explain that one.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Officer Stripped

  • An off-duty Chicago Police officer has been stripped of his arrest powers after he allegedly fired multiple times at an off-duty suburban cop who tried to pull him over after suspecting he was driving drunk, law enforcement sources said Monday.

    No one was hit by the gunfire, which happened about 4 p.m. Sunday near the Chicago Police Department’s Marquette Park District station on the Southwest Side.

    Charges are pending against the 52-year-old Chicago cop, who was assigned to the Marquette Park District.

    “If the allegations are true, the actions and behavior demonstrated by this officer are beyond unacceptable, have absolutely no place in our department, and he will be separated from CPD,” according to a statement from the Chicago Police Department.

    The off-duty Chicago cop was driving his personal vehicle with a fellow off-duty Chicago officer in the passenger seat when an off-duty Merrionette Park police officer pulled his vehicle behind them at 111th and Kedzie.
Okay - bad idea number one: pulling over cars off-duty. You have no radio, probably no bullet resistant vest, no obvious police markings on your car and usually no identifying uniform.

Bad idea number two, blasting away at a fleeing vehicle.

If you're that desperate to do police work 24/7, follow from a safe distance, call it in, let the on-duty cops handle it. That's it. That being said, bad choice number one has no bearing whatsoever on bad choice number two. Unless this guy is heavier than heavy, he's gone, and if the evidence supports the allegation, he'll be lucky to escape jail time.


No True Bill

In what is probably the most dissected police shooting in history, a Grand Jury did not bow to the obvious machinations of the Holder Justice Department, the traveling grievance-mongers and the naked threats of violence and delivered a just finding after months-long hearings, hundreds of witnesses and three autopsy reports:
  • A grand jury in St. Louis County on Monday declined to indict the Ferguson police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black teenager in August in a case that touched off nationwide protests and cries of police brutality.

    St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch announced the decision not to indict Darren Wilson Monday evening. A grand jury of nine whites and three blacks had been meeting weekly since Aug. 20 to consider evidence in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, 18. The panel met for 70 hours and heard from 60 witnesses.

    McCulloch stressed that the grand jurors were "the only people who heard every witness ... and every piece of evidence." He said many witness presented conflicting statements that ultimately were inconsistent with the physical evidence.

    "These grand jurors poured their hearts and soul into this process," he said.
An amusing side note - Obama gave a statement saying, "We are a nation built on laws." The irony of this statement in light of his constant disregard of the law, his "executive orders" usurping Constitutional roles and his administrations constant felonious behavior is completely lost upon the media sheeple.


No One Goes to Jail?

You gotta love Chicago - just cut a check:
  • The dead have voted in Chicago. Now, they’ve also signed papers swearing their kids were eligible for financial aid to attend one of the City Colleges of Chicago, documents obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times show.

    A dispute over whether students at Kennedy-King College got more financial aid than they were entitled to has been settled with the City Colleges repaying the federal government nearly $4.3 million, the records show.

    The settlement stems from a 2009 federal Department of Education review of Kennedy-King’s financial-aid program. The agency said the City Colleges school at 63rd and Halsted needed to do more to show that students who got federal financial aid to go there between 2007 and 2009 qualified for all the aid they received.

    By 2011, things had gotten testier. The federal agency declared Kennedy-King had “failed to address” the earlier findings and demanded it repay $10.3 million in financial aid it said the school had “improperly disbursed” to students.
So the Department of Education wants $10.3 million back, Chicago cuts a check for $4.3 and calls it even. How about investigating where the money went? Push a little harder on finding out who forged the names of dead people? The suspect list is confined to one office - no one can get fingered?


    Monday, November 24, 2014

    Ferguson Decision Next Hour

    Here it comes boys and girls.

    Leaks hint at "No True Bill."

    Remember, Eric Holder told all you evil polices to no attention to those black panthers making pipe bombs, or threats to rape police officers' wives and kill their children. That's not something you'll see in the mainstream media.

    Good luck and Godspeed to all our brothers and sisters in in fact. We'll update when able to tonight...might be kind of busy.

    UPDATE: No True Bill.

    Shots fired at the police live on the news. Fires burning. Property damage underway. Prayers for the cops to our south.

    UPDATE: Chicago protests shut down Lake Shore Drive.


    Steady as She Goes

    November 2014 has now surpassed November 2013 in total killings, making it the third straight month of increases. And there's still a week to go!
    • Three men were killed and at least 12 other people have been wounded in shootings across the city since Friday evening.

      The most recent fatal shooting in the Ashburn neighborhood on the Southwest Side left one man dead and another wounded early Saturday.
    Crime is down! Somewhere. So we're told.

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    Does This Count?

    • A Chicago man has been charged with involuntary manslaughter in connection with a fatal shooting in Hyde Park Friday night.

      Police say Paris Walker-Rush, 25, fatally shot another man inside of an apartment in the 5200 block of South Cornell shortly after 9 p.m. Walker-Rush was arrested at the scene without incident and is now facing felony charges for involuntary manslaughter and unlawful use of weapon.

      Walker-Rush was ordered held on $900,000 bond in court Saturday.
    He pointed the gun (which he isn't supposed to have as a convicted felon) at his buddy's head, and pulled the trigger (which makes us think the "involuntary" part is a stretching of the truth).

    Actually, the question is probably, "How will they count it?" We're betting "death investigation."


    Toys for Tots Shoot

    Coming up shortly in Skokie (click for full page view):

    Come out to support a good cause - and you get to shoot, too.


    Start Planning

    Almost time for those holiday haircuts so you look good for family pictures. But after that, time to let it grow!
    • St. Baldrick's 2015 plans are under way. The date will be Friday, March 20, 2015 and further details will follow including how to sign up and get involved and where we will be. If you have any questions you can e-mail Bill O'Reilly,, Anne Zamazow, or Bill Murphy, We're looking forward to seeing many returning and hopefully some new faces this year.
     Pencil it in, save the date.


    Put This One to Rest

    Bush was telling the truth? Yeah, seems like it:
    • The United States recovered thousands of old chemical weapons in Iraq from 2004 to 2009 and destroyed almost all of them in secret and via open-air detonation, according to a written summary of its activities prepared by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, the international body that monitors implementation of the global chemical weapons treaty.

      The 30-page summary, prepared after quietly held meetings between the organization’s technical staff and American officials in Washington in 2009, was provided to The New York Times by the Pentagon on Friday.

      It included a table disclosing limited details on 95 separate recoveries and destructions of chemical warheads, shells or aviation bombs, for a total of 4,530 munitions from May 2004 through February 2009 — a period of often intense fighting in Iraq.
    This is the New York Times reporting it finally - we expect they'll be running corrections over the next decade or so. And we'll probably hear Hillary claim she supported the war after she said she didn't after she voted for it.


    Sunday, November 23, 2014

    Things That Make You Go, "Hmmm"

    A question from the readers:
    • Is that the same Lisa Madigan, Dean Angelo said Lodge 7 was supporting.
    And we delve into the FOP Newsletter archives - Year 2014, November - right at the top of the endorsement list on Page 3:
    • General Election Endorsements
      Attorney General: *Lisa Madigan (D)
    And what does that * mean before her name?
    • * Did not appear at the Political Action Committee, were endorsed solely by the Board of Directors
    Hmm. We guess if you're running unopposed, it saves on the campaign gas money. But you think they'd show up and at least thank the Board for the endorsement anyway - we mean, if they were decent people and all that.

    By the way, anyone know what that (D) means after her name? Someone tried to convince us it means "democrat" but that can't be right - democrats are for unions. And democrats want to save pensions. And democrats wouldn't take an endorsement and then work against the very people who endorsed her, right? Voters aren't stupid...or so we've heard.

    Unless of course, the endorsers were just doing the bidding of Daddy Madigan.

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    Tourist Robbed?

    • A 36-year-old New York man was robbed at gunpoint Friday night while taking photographs at Buckingham Fountain, police said.

      The victim, who police said was from Yorktown Heights, an area about 35 miles north of New York City, was taking pictures around the fountain in the 500 block of South Columbus Drive about 8 p.m. Friday when a man approached and began asking him questions, police said.

      After that man walked away, two other men in their early 20s walked up the footpath toward the 36-year-old and one, brandishing a handgun, ordered him to “give it up,’’ according to a police report.
    But...but...Chicago Park District property is all "gun-free zones" we thought? Someone must have missed a sign or something. This cannot happen, not in Rahm's gun-free Chicago. Get McCompStat on the phone, now.

    At least there's a good description of the robbers:
    • The two robbers are described as being in their 20s, dressed in black jackets with gray hoodies underneath that were “tightened’’ to conceal their faces, and dark pants, police said.
    Let's see...they're in their 20's and wear dark clothes. We understand leaving out the eye color, seeing as how they were all bundled up. And you wouldn't want to make any assumptions about teeth or facial hair. No desciption of gloves or anything - are we missing something? Something obvious?

    Hope your camera was insured Mr. Tourist.


    Favored Again?

    By 5-and-a-half? Lightning couldn't possible strike twice in the same season, could it?


    Saturday, November 22, 2014

    Pension Win

    It seems that the Law, as written, has obligations and responsibilities - binding one might say:
    • A judge on Friday struck down the state’s landmark pension law that sought to fix Illinois’ $104.6 billion government retirement system debt, declaring the measure unconstitutional and clearing a path for a showdown in the Illinois Supreme Court.

      Sangamon County Circuit Court Judge John Belz agreed with public employee unions and retirees who challenged the December 2013 law, maintaining that it “without question” violates the state constitution’s provision that a public worker pension cannot be “diminished or impaired.”

      “The state of Illinois made a constitutionally protected promise to its employees concerning their pension benefits,” Belz wrote. “Under established and uncontroverted Illinois law, the state of Illinois cannot break this promise.”
    Imagine that. And imagine the college that granted this twit a law degree:
    • Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan said she will appeal the decision to the state’s high court, where cases go when a state law is declared unconstitutional. She will ask justices to expedite the appeal to get a resolution to the long-festering pension issue, “given the significant impact that a final decision in this case will have on the state’s financial condition.”
    And that's a impediment to the law how? We don't recall Lisa stepping in and telling folks, "You can't buy that house given the significant impact that ... this ... will have on [your] financial condition." Or maybe, "You can't sent your child to college given the significant impact that ... this ... will have on [your] financial condition."

    The law usually assumes that adults make adult decisions. Unless of course, you're a democrat. Then the all-knowing state tells the banks to front you the money for a mortgage you can't possible ever pay back. Or to take out those student loans that saddle your child with a debt he won't be able to pay back in his lifetime. Or make pension promises that can only be fulfilled by making timely payments, adjusting the multiplier and yes, even raising taxes to keep up with obligations, no matter what it costs you at the polls.


    What Bit Me?

    Well, if you're at HQ, it's either someone looking for a promotion or bedbugs:
    • There are some unwanted guests inside Chicago's Public Safety Building.

      The 35th and Michigan Avenue location has a bedbug problem.

      Both the Chicago Police headquarters and the Chicago Fire Department headquarters are located in the building.

      A spokesperson for CPD says the problem is being taken care of and should be fixed rather quickly.
    Quickly? We had this up in the comments at least two months ago, maybe longer. That isn't "quickly." That's more like "one of these days."

    Fill out those Exposure Reports boys and girls. Maybe FOP can somehow get some compensation for fumigating your house when you bring them home from work.


    Promotional Exams?

    Someone said there's a sign up for an ET test. That probably means a class of ET's to be made shortly to burn the list out, but maybe not. In any event, long overdue. ET's are regularly handling homicides lately since there are only like seven Forensic Investigators any more. Sign up on CLEAR before 01 December.

    Someone else said there is an announcement for K9? Both bomb dogs and drug-sniffers. We didn't think they had bottomed out those lists, but hey, any promotion is a good promotion nowadays. Does anyone know if that's on CLEAR, too?


    Here's What We Don't Get

    There's a troll here who likes to pop in and say things like "How can cops be Republican? You're union people, Republicans want to screw you. etc etc" We'd publish it, but he calls everyone stupid and ignorant and has a potty-mouth, so we flush it.

    We troll back at sites like that sometimes if we're bored. Like this:
    • How can any minority or millennial even pretend to be a democrat? The jobless rate for recent college grads is almost three times the national average. For blacks, it's double. Hispanic is above the national average, too. Almost 92 million people aren't even working.

      And here's Obama and the dems legalizing another 5 million? You know what that's going to do to the wage structure? The unemployment numbers?

      Got student loans? Hope you're comfortable with them. Good thing Obama infantilized that generation - stay on mom and dad's insurance until your 26, they can claim you as a dependent, and maybe you'll inherit the house since you won't be able to buy your own.
    Talk about voting against your own self interests. Democrats want a dependent class....broke, taking handouts, disarmed. In other words, sheep.


    Friday, November 21, 2014

    Detectives in Uniform?

    Couple e-mails saying everyone is in uniform in anticipation of a Ferguson decision coming down tomorrow. We wish they'd just pull the trigger on this and get it over with so we can get on to "healing" and "understanding" and whatever other liberal "excuse-of-the-day" is.


    Rauner Hoping for "Guidance"

    • Making his first post-election appearance at the Capitol on Thursday, Gov.-elect Bruce Rauner said he hopes the Illinois Supreme Court eventually will provide guidance on what changes are acceptable when it comes to fixing the state's more than $100 billion debt in the government worker pension system.

      The incoming governor may get some clues as early as Friday, when a lower court judge is expected to weigh in on the legality of a sweeping overhaul lawmakers approved nearly a year ago. The ruling by Sangamon County Circuit Judge John Belz could provide an early indication of whether the pension law violates a provision in the state constitution that prevents public employee pensions from being diminished or impaired, as unions have argued.
    This is going to be litigated out the ass regardless. How about throwing together some austerity measures for state government and making sure Chicago pays its bills for starters?


    Don't Like Taxes? Don't Pay 'em

    • The Rev. Al Sharpton on Wednesday sharply criticized a New York Times article that explored his history of unpaid taxes, rent and other bills, calling the report “misleading and totally out of context.”

      During a news conference at the headquarters of his National Action Network in Harlem, Mr. Sharpton sought to refute the article’s assertion that there were $4.5 million in state and federal tax liens outstanding against him and the for-profit businesses he controls. He said that the liens had been paid down, although he declined to say by how much, and that he was “current on all taxes” he was obligated to pay under settlement agreements with tax authorities.

      “We’re talking about old taxes,” he said, adding: “We’re not talking about anything new. So all of this, as if I’m not paying taxes while I’m doing whatever I’m doing, it reads all right, but it just is not true.”

      State and federal tax records show, however, that the liens against Mr. Sharpton and his businesses remain active, meaning they have not been completely paid off. The article also noted that Mr. Sharpton had said in an interview that he had paid off some of the debt.
    Some of these judgements date back decades to Al's race hustling days in New York, instigating riots, slandering law enforcement, inflaming mobs to kill innocents....hey, that sounds familiar.



    Three-hundred-fifty-seven being monitored in New York City, and this happens:
    • Just a week after Dr. Craig Spencer was declared 'Ebola-free', The Daily Mail reports a woman, who had arrived from Guinea 18 days ago (and was on the NYC Ebola monitoring list), dropped dead in a Brooklyn hair salon this afternoon. FDNY sent their Special Operations and Hazmat units but she was declared dead at the scene. Witnesses said she was bleeding from the "face, nose, mouth, everything."
    Authorities are calling it a "suspected heart attack" at the moment, but FDNY suited up in full haz-mat gear to remove her. After all, heart attacks don't usually present with face, nose, mouth, everything" bleeding.


    Classy Fans

    We like hockey. A lot. And this is one of the reasons why:

    These were Canadian fans stepping up in the midst of technical difficulties to assist in completing the United States national anthem.

    After the terror attacks in Canada, fans at NHL stadiums across the US stood in solidarity with the Canadian people. We're willing to bet there aren't many hockey fans who don't know the words to both the Canadian and US anthems. Fan rivalry is intense, but mostly respectful (except for those bastards from Detroit), and the fans at an NHL game are among the most knowledgeable in their following of the game....even those bastards from Detroit.


    Thursday, November 20, 2014

    Missing Propoganda

    A reader asked another question that someone in the media should have done months ago:
    • ...and where's the weekly Table Of Guns for the TV cameras?
    And a reply:
    • Lol!
      They have "minders" not so much to secure the guns at these agit-prop "Look at ALL these bad guns" media events, but to keep people from scanning the inventory tags... They've been busted before for misrepresenting "seized last year" guns as "seized last month" or whatever time frame they select to prop up their propaganda narrative of the day.
    Long time readers will recall that commenters here pointed out the startlingly similar numbers, makes and models of guns that were displayed at various press conferences held at different police facilities every Monday last year. Other commenters suggested that media folks compare inventory numbers of the displayed weapons, whereupon the media was forbidden from approaching the tables. Shortly afterward, the "gun-runs" were instituted where Districts desks are required to transport guns to ERPS on a daily basis after years of awaiting ERPS pick-ups two or three times a week.

    Now the table of guns has disappeared and the CompStat monsters are mysteriously silent as the killings approach 400. But hey....Crime is down!


    Rahm Needs More Money

    A pair of amusing rumors:
    • Word out of city hall is that Tiny Dancer is pissed about his convoy being caught and dragged through the media for running red lights, so he intends to respond after the new year with a new policy.

      Any city vehicle that is captured violating speed camera zones or red light cameras - including police - will have to drop a to-from justifying the violation. Those who do not prepare the report or whose violations are deemed by the hall not to be justified will be fiscally responsible for the cost of the fine.

    • Very True, if the to from is not submitted, The fine will be deducted from all who fail to address the violation.

      Also, a civian will find you responsible unless you can produce prood you were responding to an emergency. Real proof, tapes, etc. All civilian operations like streets and saniatation will be getting hit real goo, nothing can justify them running a light !!!

      Rahm is not playing, you will pay, like it or not. The union will grieve it nd it will take 5 years before you might get you money back, minus adminstrative fee's. Four drivers from water already got their pay docked for running a light.
    Even if these aren't true, it makes for an interesting debate. We're pretty sure that when operating a marked squad, certain allowances are made. Many cops travel without lights and sirens to calls because they like to make arrests and sirens scare criminals away. Is this going to be specifically forbidden now? Are we going to be required to keep a minute-by-minute log to prove we were on the way to assist or arrest and not headed to a bathroom break? Or is it lights-and-sirens the whole way now in an effort to drive down arrests and court time?


    Pathetic Media

    King Obama is going to announce a sweeping abuse of power tomorrow regarding immigration. We recall a war fought over this sort of behavior nearly 240 years ago.
    Guess who isn't interrupting regular programming to broadcast the address to the nation?
    • The administration said today that Obama will be speaking live from the White House at 8 PM ET on Thursday. But ABC has the fall finale for Grey’s Anatomy on at that time, while CBS has ratings powerhouse The Big Bang Theory, NBC has reality show The Biggest Loser and Fox has Bones. As of right now, none plans changes to their regularly scheduled Thursday night November sweep schedules for the approximately 15-minute speech.
    The cable networks will carry the speech, but not the mainstream media. Still in the bag for a lawless, ego-maniacal Chicago pol who will burn the country down because voters told him "no." You want to know why the left thinks and says American voters are stupid and easily led? Because the media abets it.

    Maybe they'll be announcing Ferguson today...and this announcement will get lost in the rioting.


    Toy Gun

    • The owner of a bakery in Calumet City shot a man who was using a toy gun to usher him and an employee to the back of the store during a robbery, police said.

      The incident happened about 3:30 p.m. Tuesday at Cal City Bakery, near State Line Road and 154th Place in the south suburb, said Calumet City police Chief Edward Gilmore.

      Unbeknownst to the bakery owner, one of the two men who tried to rob the store was wielding a toy handgun. The gun appeared “fairly realistic,” Gilmore said.

      The owner of the bakery watched the robbery unfold from closed-circuit television from the center part of the building. The man with the gun ushered an employee and then the owner toward the back of the building.

      The owner wondered why they were being taken to the back of the building after complying with the robbers' demands for cash.
    There shouldn't be a store or store owner without a gun nearby after the Brown's Chicken massacre. The Chief of Police out in Calumet City pretty much cleared the bakery owner. Hopefully, the mayor out there gives him a medal.


    Wednesday, November 19, 2014

    De Paul Cost Overruns

    • The Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority is negotiating with a general contractor for the proposed DePaul arena near McCormick Place, but the two sides are struggling with a price tag that has soared to as much as $250 million, about 75 percent more than the original estimate, according to people close to the bidding process.

      McPier next week is expected to award a design-build contract for the arena and an adjacent 1,200-room Marriott hotel to a venture led by Bethesda, Md.-based Clark Construction Group, those sources tell Crain's. The cost of the 51-story hotel is expected to be in line with previous estimates, or a total of roughly $400 million.

      But a sticking point is the "dug-in" design of the 10,000-seat arena, which places its playing floor well below ground level. That feature has pushed construction costs above the $140 million that McPier and city officials optimistically projected when they announced the project in May 2013, sources said.

      Although a final price has not been set, the cost of that design, by New Haven, Conn.-based Pelli Clark Pelli, could be as much as $250 million, sources said.
    Back in the real world, when you bid a construction job, you usually figure in somewhere in the neighborhood of 10% for cost overruns and extraneous items. Material costs fluctuate, gas prices, equipment failures, weather delays, maybe some overtime. But a lot of that can be alleviated by long term contracts with suppliers locking in prices, volume discounts, etc.

    Anything approaching 20-25% means something went terribly wrong - maybe even criminally wrong. This stadium, for a PRIVATE UNIVERSITY, is projected to be 75% over budget. It might as well be a completely different contract in terms of money. And the City Council that voted for it in the first place doesn't seem to be able to revisit the contract and reevaluate the taxpayers' commitment to a cost overrun worth more than one-quarter of the City's pension obligation due next year.

    FOP, you guys going to point this out? It's a gift.

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    SEC to Investigate Rahm?

    • Chicago lawmakers are planning to send a formal request to the Securities and Exchange Commission for an investigation into donations to Mayor Rahm Emanuel from executives at financial firms that manage city pension money. The donations were first documented by International Business Times in a report quoting former SEC and federal prosecutors saying the contributions may run afoul of the agency's pay-to-play rules.

      The aldermen scheduled a City Hall news conference Tuesday to announce the action.

      In a letter to Andrew Ceresney, who directs the SEC's division of enforcement, Aldermen Bob Fioretti, Scott Waguespack and John Arena write the donations constitute "pay-to-play actions" that "have violated the public trust and are a breach of the fiduciary duty" by the Emanuel administration officials who oversee the city pension systems. They say "Chicago has a deep history of pay-to-play" and that their "goal is to end these tactics and protect the citizens of Chicago and employees' investments."
    Why now? Why not decades ago when Rahm was pulling in $18 million as a "financial wizard" for a certain connected investment firm?


    Someone is Watching the Numbers

    We don't usually link to leftist websites for the usual reasons. But this time, someone is actually taking the Chicago homicide number game seriously:
    • Chicago Murders in November 2014 up 50% during the same time last November. In November 2013 there were 28 total murders. There have already been 24 murders as of November 16, 2014 with 14 more days left in the month to count.

      During the month of November 2013 there were a total of 16 murders for the first part of the month. In the current month of November 2014 there have been a total of 24 reported murders a 50% increase in murders from the same time last year. Raw data was used from RedEye Tracking homicides in Chicago.

      Checking if this was an anomaly. Substance News compared homicides statistics for the months of September and October to last year during the same months. September 2013 had 43 total murders compared to September 2014 which had 44 total murders a 2.33% increase. In October of 2013 there were a total of 33 murders compared to October 2014 which a total of 38 murders a 15.15% increase. The totals for both months show an upward trending murder rate of 7.89%.
    They even do a little digging and come up with this little fact:
    • The Chicago Tribune has not reported a homicide on its homicide tracking website, since November 4, 2014 2:17 pm, even though there have been 14 murders since then.
    Wait...let us guess...the intern in charge of inputting the Tribune homicide tracker data is on vacation? It would almost be amusing except that Rahm is running for reelection and we're betting that McJersey and CompStat are going to figure heavily in his campaign. How better to grease the skids a bit by "neglecting" to keep the public updated with current homicide stats?

    We heard, but can't yet confirm, that November will be the THIRD consecutive month of homicide INCREASES on a month (2013)-to-month (2014) comparison. Not only that, someone else said that these three monthly increases have pretty much wiped out the supposed "reduction" of 2014 compared to 2013. We'll let you know how true that one is shortly.

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    Competing Polls

    The Chicago Teachers Union thinks Rahm is headed to a runoff, even with Karen the Commie out of the race:
    • A new survey commissioned by the Chicago Teachers Union shows Mayor Rahm Emanuel could be forced into a runoff election folllowing the February primary.

      The data from the survey conducted by Lake Research Partners shows Jesus “Chuy” Garcia inching closer and possibly making the race for mayor tight.

      The survey found that between Emanuel, Garcia, and Ald. Bob Fioretti, Emanuel leads with 33 percent of the vote. He is followed by Garcia with 18 percent and Fioretti with 13.
    • Mayor Rahm Emanuel holds a 19-percentage-point lead in a three-way race against his two top challengers and is within striking distance of avoiding a runoff before spending a penny of his $9 million warchest, according to a new poll conducted for the mayor’s super PAC.

      The poll of 601 likely voters was conducted last week by the Global Strategy Group, whose president Jefrey Pollock has done polling for Priorities USA, the super PAC that helped re-elect President Barack Obama, as well as for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and a host of Democratic candidates nationwide. The margin of error for the poll is plus or minus 4 percent.

      The results are better for Emanuel than the Chicago Teachers Union poll released earlier this week that also shows the mayor short of the 50 percent plus one he needs to avoid a runoff.
    Polls showing the desired result for the organization that paid for the poll - must be election season.


    From Chaplain Brandt

    A difficult topic, but as the years go by, an intelligent choice to make sure your wishes are respected:

      Come learn how to start the difficult conversation regarding end-of-life decisions. An attorney will also be present to offer free estate planning advice.

      Southsiders: Monday, 12 JAN, 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. in the 022 District community room
      Northsiders: Tuesday, 13 JAN, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon at the Irish American Heritage Center

      There is no charge for the event. Get more information by contacting Chaplain Kimberly Lewis-Davis at or 312-771-6638.

      RSVP by 05 JAN.


      CPD Chaplain Kimberly Lewis-Davis and Fr. Dan Brandt will be co-facilitating this evening for YOU involved in first response. Please consider taking a couple hours out of your schedule to enliven your soul.

      Tuesday, 13 JAN, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. at Resurrection Catholic Church, 3043 N. Francisco Avenue in Logan Square.

      (Due to popular demand, a February date will be added at a south-side venue; details forthcoming.)

      Registration required. Register at or by calling 630-852-9000.
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    Tuesday, November 18, 2014

    Hey, How About Those Numbers? one in the media or HQ mentioning this?
    • Hey SCC,

      After the honor students posted a shutout on Friday - the first shooting/homicide-free day since 5/23 - they proceeded to run up the score with 5 dead and another 16 wounded through Sunday evening.

      The same weekend last year tallied 1 dead and 18 wounded.

      As an added bonus, we're already sitting at 24 homicides this month. Last November posted 28 for the entire month.

      Illustrating Chicago Crime, Murder and Mayhem at
    All summer, everyone has had to listen and read about how crime is down, beyond historic lows, we haven't seen crime this low since Jean Baptiste Point du Sable had his bicycle stolen by some passing Indian "yutes."

    It's all CompStat all the time. Chicago Magazine writes a gigantic two-part spread about how the numbers are manipulated and the crime is reclassified. The Slum-Times highlights a manslaughter incident involving the Daley clan, forces a guilty plea, and exposes files being found at the home of certain connected individuals.

    And yet, when one guy running a website like, has the temerity to point out the simplest of the CompStat statistics - Weekend A from 2013 and Weekend B from 2014 - and the 500% increase in homicides - silence. And is anyone going to touch the November 2014 total is nearly at 2013 totals - and we're only halfway through the month?

    You just know the media is hoping Ferguson burns to the ground so they can distract the masses once again.

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    A Humble Suggestion

    Maybe one of these for the Craft Pizza folks:

    • Chilean students of engineering have designed a prototype bicycle that ‘cannot be stolen.’

      The Yerka, which is designed by Cristobal Cabello, Andres Roi Eggers and Juan Jose Monsalve during a college engineering class, can be locked by some of its own parts.

      The students came up with the idea after Roi’s bike was stolen.

      The Chilean innovators have benefitted from techniques used in two other bicycles namely “Seatylock” and “Denny,” whose saddle and detachable handlebars are respectively used for locking them up.

      For Yerka to get locked, its lower frame opens up into two arms that are then connected to the seat post and locked to a post.

      Thieves would have to destroy the whole bike to get it unlocked, said Cabello, adding, “That’s why our motto is ‘a bike that gets stolen is no longer a bike.’ What we have here is truly an unstealable bike.”
    This might test the ingenuity of bike thieves.



    The Peace Officers Memorial Foundation of Cook County:

    This organization recognizes Law Enforcement Officers from across Cook County who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Chicago, Suburban, State and Federal - over 700 all told.

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