Monday, May 21, 2018

Great Idea Arne!

With big thinking like this, here's a guy who will be going places:
  • Former Education Secretary Arne Duncan pushed a radical idea on Twitter: Parents should pull their children out of school until elected officials pass stricter gun control laws.

    His tweet came hours after a shooting rampage at a Houston-area high school Friday killed 10 people - a mass shooting that came just three months after 17 students and staffers were slain at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

    When Peter Cunningham, a former education department employee, tweeted that it may be time for parents to pull their children out of school until gun laws are changed, Duncan, the education secretary under former President Barack Obama, responded that his family "is in."

    "This is brilliant, and tragically necessary," Duncan tweeted. "What if no children went to school until gun laws changed to keep them safe? My family is all in if we can do this at scale. Parents, will you please join us?"
So you do it first, then Arne will have his kids join in.....if it's big enough. And gets enough attention. And might be politically expedient for him to claim, "I was for this all along."

Any word on how big a property tax rebate we might expect with schools closed, teachers off, facility staff laid off? And any bets on how many children, unoccupied with learning, might be making trips downtown those days?


Ethics Time

Everyone's favorite time of year when you have to sit in front of the computer, read unrealistic ethics scenarios, and be amazed that YOU have to follow all the rules all the time, but you keep remembering those politicians and connected people who don't.

So to make things easier, here are the answers for all four sections:
  • No, Yes, Yes, No, Yes
  • Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes
  • No, No, Yes, No
  • No, No, No, No
It feels like taking the Lieutenants Exam with Mrs. Johnson!

Good Luck, and thanks to the e-mailers who sent it in again this year.


    Great Descriptions.....Again

    Chicago media is awesome, especially Channel 7:
    • A woman was attacked and found pantless on a downtown street Sunday morning. Police said the 49-year-old was followed and beaten by four other women in the 100-block of North Riverside Plaza.

      The victim told officers she left a house in the area and was then followed by the group. The group pushed her to the ground, knocking out some of her teeth and leaving her with cuts and bruises. The woman managed to break away and find help.

      No arrests have been made and Area Central Detectives are investigating.
    No word if any of the brass is taking this one personally.

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    Sunday, May 20, 2018

    Two a Day

    • Shot & Killed: 27
      Shot & Wounded: 156
      Total Shot: 183
      Total Homicides: 32
    Not boding well for June.

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    Chaplain Fundraiser

    More info available at the Chaplain's Ministry website. These are the people looking out for us, rain, shine, spring, summer, winter, thick and thin.....unreservedly. Swing by and show we appreciate their efforts.


    Gun Education

    • As hip hop artist Maj Toure toured the country, he kept hearing the same stories of African-Americans facing gun charges because they didn't know they were supposed to, for example, have a concealed carry permit.

      Those stories and others about convicted felons having gun rights revoked prompted Toure, of Philadelphia, to create the grass-roots organization Black Guns Matter and take his message of gun rights and firearms education to African-American communities all over. That includes Chicago, where he’s spending a month doing outreach and a training session this weekend.

      In two years, the group has raised thousands of dollars to host training sessions across the country, even getting a helping hand from members of the National Rifle Association.
    Law abiding, self-reliant, educated and informed armed citizens? And they're in Chicago this month? Sounds like a type of "community outreach" that will give Rahm nightmares.


    Saturday, May 19, 2018

    Slum Times to FOP - Shut Up

    • A sea of blue converging on City Hall is not what Chicago needs right now.

      That’s what the Fraternal Order of Police is calling for, though, with its plan to have rank-and-file officers show up, in force, and confront Mayor Emanuel at next week’s City Council meeting.

      This is nothing but political theater.
    It's all political theater you dumbasses, including your bullshit editorial telling cops to sit down, shut up, and take the ass-reaming that's on-tap if Rahm gets his way (abetted by the media).

    Read the rest at the link for free - don't give these pricks a dime...and you can save a tree while you're at it.

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    Cradle to Grave

    • Despite an order last year by Cook County’s chief judge to make it easier for those held at city police stations to talk to an attorney, less than 2 percent of arrestees actually saw one in 2017.

      That’s according to First Defense Legal Aid, a volunteer lawyer group that’s planning what they’re calling a first-of-its-kind event this weekend.

      Lawyers will be stationed at all of the city’s 22 police districts Saturday, offering free legal services to arrestees.
    So since criminals are too dumb to read, know and exercise their Rights, these lawyers will be infesting every station this weekend. And don't imagine for a minute that they'll be minding their own business until called upon to provide legal counsel.


    Interstate Commerce?

    • Plenty of crimes have a technical element that allows prosecutors to pursue charges at the federal level, from using a phone to conduct illegal business across state lines to firing a gun manufactured in a different state.

      In the case of former Chicago police officer William Whitley, it wasn’t guns. It was condoms.

      Whitley’s use of Trojan and LifeStyles brand condoms when he paid for sex acts with a 14-year-old girl, federal prosecutors say, meant he illegally affected interstate commerce. Because the condoms are made outside Illinois, using them in the act of a potential sex crime contributed to the ability to charge Whitley in U.S. District Court instead of the state level.
    Don't get us wrong - this guy should be castrated and his genitals fed to rabid weasels, but is there a condom factory in Illinois? If all condoms are made in China or Mexico, then there's no way to avoid a federal charge.

    What if some unlucky soul from Chicago is attempting to woo another with tulips from Holland? Chocolate from Switzerland? Fine cheeses from Wisconsin? All of those products are the result of interstate commerce. If the relationship goes south and accusations are made, federal charges are possible? Seems like a lot of overreach.


    Killing Property Values

    • An audible gasp went out in the breakout room I was in at last month’s pension event cosponsored by The Civic Federation and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. That was when a speaker from the Chicago Fed proposed levying, across the state and in addition to current property taxes, a special property assessment they estimate would be about 1% of actual property value each year for 30 years.

      Evidently, that wasn’t reality-shock enough. This week the Chicago Fed published that proposal formally. It’s linked here.

      It surely ranks among the most blatantly inhumane and foolish ideas we’ve seen yet.

      Homeowners with houses worth $250,000 would pay an additional $2,500 per year in property taxes, those with homes worth $500,000 would pay an additional $5,000, and those with homes worth $1 million would pay an additional $10,000.

      Is the Chicago Fed blind to human consequences? Confiscatory property tax rates have already robbed hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of Illinois families of their home equity — probably the lion’s share of whatever wealth they had.
    The article makes a lot of assumptions, many of which will be hard pressed to pass in any event. And the website is a bit out-there, but in Illinois, anything bad is completely possible with the current crop of assholes in government.


    Friday, May 18, 2018

    Do You Know Who I Am?

    • On May 11, 2018 Alderman Arena walked into the 19th District Police Station at Addison and Halsted. He identified himself as Alderman Arena and stated he would like to park his personal car in the police parking lot so he and his family could go to the Cubs game. He was told the lot was full. He then responded, "I apparently didn't make myself clear, I AM ALDERMAN Arena!" He then went on to demand that they find room for him to park.

      Once the officers realized this was the Alderman who makes complaints against officers, they allowed him to park in the area of the lot reserved for police officers and federal law enforcement.


      This is clearly an abuse of power. This should be an easy one for you. There is a paper trail. We are told the district keeps a sign in sheet that will have the name Alderman John Arena along with his vehicle information on May 11, 2018. We are told this was the 2nd date he parked there within a week.

      Apparently it's difficult for the alderman to scrape together the funds to park like everyone else on his 6 figure taxpayer paid salary.

      ​Isn't this the same Alderman who paid top dollar for tickets during the world series to go see the Cubs in Cleveland. It appears as though he has money to pay top dollar and road trip to a game, but too cheap to pay for parking in his "hometown". (New Jersey is his real hometown).
    You can tell how hated this jackass is since he has an entire website dedicated to his misdeeds.


    Prickwrinkle Sticks it to Rahm

    • Chicago never did get the mayoral matchup that tons of voters and certainly the media have yearned for. That was Rahm Emanuel against the more liberal Toni Preckwinkle, president of the Cook County Board. It's not going to be. Too bad.

      But that doesn't mean that Preckwinkle is meekly watching as a big cast of lesser pols tries to bell the cat in the upcoming election. The county boss has launched a haymaker aimed right at Emanuel's jaw on one of the toughest issues around: soaring crime rates and what to do about it, a subject that is becoming a major factor in this election cycle.

      The haymaker has come on the subject of what to do about a spurt of carjackings, something that is beginning to cause the mayor real problems in his upper-middle-income base, concentrated downtown and on the North Side, but also an offense that all too often tends to involve young men of color who Preckwinkle believes have been singled out for punishment when what they really need is a hand up.

      Specifically, the question is what to do about a bill in Springfield that would make it easier to prosecute "passengers" in a vehicle that's been stolen and allow juvenile carjacking suspects to be held for psychological evaluation and potentially placed in a shelter, rather than released to their parents or guardian.
    This is quite frankly, hilarious. Rahm has spent his career dividing and conquering. Prickwrinkle has done as much or more than anyone else to drive up the crime rate in the city with Foxxx and Dart as her evil henchmen. And now she's blaming.....the police!
    • As currently written, the bill "will not have a significant impact on preserving public safety," Preckwinkle said. "Rather, it will perpetuate Illinois' longstanding trend of unnecessarily incarcerating young black and brown youth for nonviolent acts."

      The real problem is with police, she went on to add. "This bill doesn't hold police accountable for their lack of arrests for violent crimes. Similar to the low clearance rate in Chicago for shootings, 9 out of 10 carjacking offenses in Chicago do not result in an arrest," she said. "Incarceration, even for a short period of time, is extremely harmful to young people and increases the likelihood that they will reoffend in the future and be incarcerated as adults."
    Carjacking is a "nonviolent act?" Who knew?

    That she is able to turn this onto Rahm is twisted genius.

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    Trib Forces "Transparency"

    • A Cook County judge has found that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his office violated state law by withholding for nearly a year and a half emails sent and received from his personal accounts that related to city business, including emails about the scandal-plagued red light camera program.

      Circuit Judge Kathleen Pantle agreed with the Chicago Tribune that Emanuel and his office violated the state’s open records act by belatedly releasing the emails, handing the newspaper a victory in its ongoing court battle over the mayor’s use of personal devices and accounts to conduct the public’s business.

      In addition, the judge opened the door to having Emanuel testify about whether he and his office failed to preserve texts and emails on his personal phones and accounts in violation of another state law relating to the preservation of government records.
    Much is suspected of having been deleted and destroyed already. Anyone else wondering what the correspondence between Rahm and the Streetlight Assassin might reveal in the midst of a heated mayoral race?

    Riverwalk Patrols

    • A team of Chicago police officers will be among the new sights greeting visitors at the downtown riverwalk this summer as the city tries to make sure tourists feel safe in the increasingly popular waterfront party zone.

      Six cops will be added to patrol from 2 p.m. to 1 a.m. daily. The increased police presence comes almost a year after two men were shot during an early morning argument on the riverwalk. The June 2017 shooting happened after 2 a.m., so it’s not clear whether these new police patrols would have helped in that case.

      But city Fleet and Facilities Management Commissioner David Reynolds said the changes are about making people feel comfortable when the businesses are open and helping clear out the riverwalk after the bars and restaurants close for the day at 11 p.m.
    So Fleet and Facilities Management is now running the Department.


    Thursday, May 17, 2018

    Kimm Foxxx - Lawyer for the Defendant

    A few months ago, this comment appeared in a post titled "17 vs. 50" regarding 17 County Commissioners governing 5.2 million people as opposed to 50 aldercreatures governing 2.7 million:
    • Civilian here.

      Way off topic, but you, SCC, and your fellow officers need to look into this. It appears that the State's Attorney has issued a directive to her assistants that if a judge makes a finding in open court that a police officer's testimony is incredible (not credible), they are to notify their supervisor, obtain a transcript of that ruling and, along with copies of the police reports and other relevant material, give that material to the superivisor. Apparently, the State's Attorney will be maintaining a bank of such rulings and then when that officer has to testify in other cases, a copy of such (a) transcript(s) is (are) to be tendered to the defendant's attorney in each subsequent case(s).

      I would suggest that you and the FOP look into this ASAP. The consequences in such a narrative are dire and immense.
    We remembered it because this caught our attention - this one appeared in a post Tuesday:
    • OT: SCC, what is know for the new questions to be asked of LEOs at 26th street by ASAs? ASA said officers will be asked a series of questions. I don’t remember all of them but some are as follows:

      To the best of your knowledge:

      - have you ever been named in civil or criminal proceedings
      - have you ever been accused of excessive force, past or present
      - have you ever been involved in divorce proceedings
      - have you ever been arrested and, if so, did you plea guilty, found guilty or found innocent
      - have you ever been considered untrustworthy in court.

      Supposedly this is new and will happen in the jury room. FOP??? Will we be able to refuse to answer these ridiculous questions? If you are doing any form of proactive police work, you’re crazy. If this is true and comes to fruition, you’d have to be reckless to do anything other than show up and drive around aimlessly.
    So the State's Attorney is now acting as defense counsel? Because just about all of that is irrelevant, and on the off chance it gets admitted, it's in any number of databases that Corp Counsel maintains. In fact, Corp Counsel has been sanctioned for keeping it secret in a few civil suits recently.

    Anyone want to clue in the readers? It certainly looks like they want to Rule 14 as many cops as they can for whatever they can dredge up.


    Everyone Wants a Say

    Rahm opened the door for this crap, and every Tom, Dick and Harry are charging through:
    • A coalition of community groups on Tuesday issued a series of demands to the offices of Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan as they negotiate federal judicial oversight of the Chicago Police Department.

      The 10 groups — which include Black Lives Matter Chicago, the Chicago Urban League and the NAACP — outlined their recommendations for the consent decree in a 127-page document addressing CPD operations from hiring and firing to training and use-of-force policies.
    And not an iota of responsibility is placed upon the "community," just the evil police. The only part we saw that we can get behind is pulling personnel out of the schools. Leave them to their own devices and put the cops back on the beats where they belong.

    Go to arbitration FOP. Cut these groups out of the process entirely.


    Thanks Again Shortshanks

    • Chicago’s parking meter system raked in $134.2 million last year, putting private investors on pace to recoup their entire $1.16 billion investment by 2021 with 62 years to go in the lease, the latest annual audit shows.

      Four underground, city-owned parking garages took in $34 million in 2017, while the privatized Chicago Skyway generated $99.9 million in cash, separate audits of those assets show.

      Not a penny of those revenues, once a mainstay for city government, went to ease the avalanche of tax increases imposed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel to solve the city’s $36 billion pension crisis.

      That’s because all three of those assets were unloaded by former Mayor Richard M. Daley, who used the money to avoid raising property taxes while city employee pension funds sunk deeper in the hole.
    Of course, there were 40+ others assholes complicit in the "deal," though we don't the exact vote records. But it would have been far better to sell some sort of lease up front and take a portion of the proceeds generated than the wholesale giveaway engineered by Shanks.


    Wednesday, May 16, 2018

    Earned? THIS is EARNED???

    What's different about this list of "merit" sergeants? (click for larger version)

    That column on the far right? "Within Nominator's Command." That's a new one - is this some sort of end-around for the "merit" board that seems to violate its own rules every time a new list comes out?

    And that third column - holy shit! "Places Skipped in Line." They had to skip over 2,000 more qualified candidates for Gorman, Johnson, Knezevich and Vargas and nearly 3,000 more knowledgeable people to promote Darko. Under 4,300 took the test and passing was something like 58%. Was this guy dead last on the list? He spelled his name correctly on the scantron sheet and then bombed the test? We hope everyone who took the test notices how badly you can do, and still be deemed "meritorious" by a Board completely made up of "merit" supervisors.

    How the fuck is Dana Alexander going to justify this "merit" person handling (God forbid) a police shooting? Yeah yeah, he'll be inside somewhere safe from harming any street copper - unless he ends up in the chain of command someday making an actual decision. What actual skill set does this, or ANY of these FOUR-DIGIT line skippers have that the Department can't possibly do without? Why even have a fucking test?

    "Earned, Not Given....Unless your name is Darko and you can have Deputy Chief Dana hand you a spot."

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    FOP Protest

    • The Fraternal Order of Police is urging the rank-and-file police officers it represents to show up in force at the May 23 City Council meeting to underscore the union’s claim that Mayor Rahm Emanuel has “turned his back on the police.”

      “Emanuel has turned his back on the police. He has put police officers and public in danger. Now, it’s time to confront him at the City Council meeting,” the union said.

      In a flier distributed to its members, the union said buses will be leaving at 8:30 a.m. — from 51st and Wentworth, FOP headquarters at 1412 W. Washington and from Belmont and Western — to transport police officers en masse to City Hall.

      “The Fraternal Order of Police is calling on all members to attend the Chicago City Council meeting on Wednesday, May 23, to demand that Mayor Rahm Emanuel back the police,” the flier states.

      “This move by the FOP comes in response to the Chicago Police Board’s decision to put Officer Robert Rialmo in a no-pay status for a 2015 fatal shooting that was deemed ‘unjustified’ by COPA. Superintendent Eddie Johnson, experts and the FOP said the shooting was clearly justified,” the union flier states.
    There should be fliers up on the FOP bulletin board already. Pack the buses, pack the Hall. We encourage retirees to show up, too. Let's make this happen.

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    More Gun Runners

    • Three men have been charged in federal court in Chicago in a firearms trafficking scheme involving dozens of weapons purchased in Kentucky through a controversial website before being resold to gang members and drug dealers in the city and suburbs.

      The charges alleged that as many as 90 guns purchased through in 2016 and 2017 wound up on the streets in the Chicago area, including one that was recovered during an armed carjacking in Westchester and others found during narcotics and gang investigations.
    Now let's see how the gun-running / straw purchaser charges go under a friendly administration in Washington, unlike recent years when people under multiple felony charges were allowed to plead to no-jail time sentences.


    Nice Hospital Toni

    • The Cook County Health and Hospitals System lost an estimated $165 million or more in potential revenue over the past three years due to lax clerical procedures and employee errors, records and interviews show.

      Cook County Inspector General Patrick Blanchard attributed the hospitals’ losses to widespread issues in the system’s bureaucracy — from mistakes during patient scheduling and registration to billing lapses. In a 10-page report, Blanchard said his office interviewed hospital staffers who suggested there are “a significant number of registration clerks, coders, and billers who do not possess adequate self-motivation or the required skill sets and knowledge base” to do their jobs.
    Unmotivated and un-knowledgeable employees in Cook County? Just how far up the ladder does this incompetence go?

    And that $165 million? That is far more than the soda tax would have brought in making us wonder (once again) why there was ever a need for it in the first place.

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    Tuesday, May 15, 2018

    Detectives and Lieutenants (UPDATE)

    As was promised, 100+ Detectives and a couple of Lieutenants late yesterday.

    If you have the list, send it.

    UPDATE: Lieutenants (click for larger versions):



    Lazy Lazy Lazy

    Not that long time readers need to be reminded, but here's a perfect example of the laziness of today's Chicago media:
    • On Sunday night, the Chicago Police Department announced that it will be promoting 100 new detectives by the end of the week as part of a new plan to grow the size of the police force in the city.

      The promotions, part of a citywide plan to add 1000 police officers to the department, will bring the total number of CPD detectives to 1200, according to officials.

      “These added detectives will ultimately help in solving crimes and will help the citizens of Chicago,” Sgt. Al Stinites said in a press availability Sunday.
    "a press availability"? Is that a fancy name for a press release? In any event, this is a heaping pile of bullshit, being part of a plan to "add 1000 police officers." Where pray tell, do the Detectives get promoted from?
    • HINT: They aren't new hires off the street.
    In fact, this will directly impact the dwindling number of beat cops outlined a week or so ago, but Heaven forbid that a reporter check other writings. And here's another amusing error. If you know where to look, you can run the title codes for Detective (9165). Guess how many CPD has employed at this very moment?
    • 983
    And if you run the numbers for Areas North, Central and South, guess how many detectives you have actually assigned to a street unit?
    • 776
    Last time we checked, adding 100 to either of those numbers doesn't make them equal 1,200. In fact, checking the Sergeant list from a few days ago, those numbers are a bit high since the promoted Detectives maintain their title code until graduation.

    But Rahm is going to run on his previous lie promise that he'd hire 1,000, even if he has to claim the 100 Detectives (and 50 Sergeants), drawn from existing officers, are part of that hiring "wave."

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    Pfleger the Asshat

    • Gov. Bruce Rauner on Monday proposed reinstating the death penalty in Illinois for mass killers and people who slay law enforcement officers, injecting the idea into his re-election campaign by rewriting a gun control bill and sending it back to lawmakers.
    Of course, some asshole has to chime in - Michael, you ignorant slut:

    Perhaps he'd like to tell the families of Cliff Lewis, Michael Bailey, Thomas Wortham, Joe Airhart, Alex Valadez, Nate Taylor, Eric Solorio and so many others that their service and deaths didn't matter because of the color of their skin.

    And perhaps someone in authority might remind this douche-noozle, wanna-be gangster, false priest of this tiny bit of scripture:
    • Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. -- John 15:13
    Go fuck yourself sideways Mike. We're going to start a bus tour of politician and general assholes whose graves we're going to piss on.



    A pipe dream most likely, but one that might gain Vallas some traction:
    • Mayoral challenger Paul Vallas vowed Monday to rebuild the Chicago Police Department to 14,000 officers — with 1,200 detectives and one sergeant for every 10 officers — to erase years of “bad decisions” by Mayor Rahm Emanuel that, Vallas claims, contributed heavily to a surge in violent crime.

      Four months after questioning the sustainability of Emanuel’s two-year plan to hire 970 additional police officers over and above attrition, Vallas upped the ante by 500 officers.

      He also outlined additional spending — on everything from equipment, incentives and a new leadership academy for police supervisors to a return to five detective areas and the hiring of retired detectives to boost a 17 percent homicide clearance rate. The price tag for all that is well over $100 million.
    We don't know that city revenues can support Vallas' extravagance, but getting close to the 13,500 of yesteryear might have an actual impact on crime, clearances, and morale.

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    That's Her!

    The CWB blog runs across some incidents that most working coppers have heard once or twice:
    • A man charged with sexually assaulting a woman in a Loop elevator last weekend made an unusual move when police brought his victim to identify him: He identified her.

      No, to tread a well-worn path, this is not The Onion.


      After getting away, the woman called 911 and provided a description of the offender. Police said two other women had reported being battered or sexually abused by a man with a similar description earlier in the day—one near Pritzker Park and the other in an unspecified Loop location.

      Cops who stopped Skipper near State and Washington shortly after the attack asked other officers to bring the victim to their location to see if they had the right guy. When the woman arrived, Skipper made eye contact and “excitedly” announced “That’s her! That’s her! That’s the one I got! I stalk my prey," police said in an arrest report. Officers said Skipper’s statement was captured on their body cameras.
    This isn't exactly a rare occurrence - a criminal identifying their victim. We've heard about it from a number of detectives. It should make court a slam dunk. In Cook County, though?


    Monday, May 14, 2018

    Fire Everyone?

    Sure seems that way according to the FOP blog. Two different cases that will continue to destroy the ability (and desire) to do actual police work.

    Case number one:
    • A move to separate two of the city’s best officers on baseless allegations that they lied about an arrest could have drastic fallout for Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s relationship with Chicago Police Officers. The possible move by the mayor’s Corporation Counsel to fire Officers John Wrigley and Jack O’Keefe for a 2013 arrest that netted a submachine gun, a pistol and a cache of dope from a career gang member comes in the wake of other decisions that have framed officers for doing legitimate police work.

      In their trial testimony, Wrigley and O’Keefe may have confused the location of two items only a few feet apart at the crime scene. That’s it. That is apparently enough to now get an officer fired from the CPD.

      For the FOP, the firing of these two officers would be crossing a line. Indeed, the Fraternal Order of Police Board voted several months ago to make a complaint against a sergeant from the Internal Affairs Department who recommended that the officers be fired, claiming his report was itself full of false allegations clearly contradicted by trial testimony. The FOP filed the complaint with the Inspector General.
    Someone from IAD attempting to make a name for themselves - they must have been left off the mailing list for the answers that so many other cheating IAD sergeants had - making a mountain out of a simple error, mixing up where a single piece of evidence was error that had exactly zero bearing on the case and that was raised by no one on the defense. It was a simple mistake. No one was framed or railroaded - except for the officers currently fighting for their jobs.

    Case number two:
    • During opening statements at a Chicago Police Board hearing Friday, attorneys for a Chicago Police officer who has been stripped and placed in a no-pay status for a fatal 2012 police shooting asked a central question.

      How is it that an officer can win a departmental commendation as well as the praise of all his supervisors and co-workers for his actions in a shooting, then be stripped and potentially fired for the same event? How can this officer be awarded the medal of valor from another incident, then have that very same incident brought up in an investigation against him?
    We stated months ago, COPA is re-opening every single police shooting that they can and attempting to fire officers for procedural "errors," regardless of previous findings and regardless of the totality of the incidents...even if it was ruled justified by the entire command staff and garnered awards and praise.

    Act accordingly and be aware, nothing is ever "closed" under this administration. Ever.

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    CFD Patrols?

    What idiot came up with this?
    • Hey SCC Huge Fan of your insignificant Blog!

      I'm a fireman up North and last night we had a surprise visit from the Commander of [XXX]. The purpose of his visit was to plot out with our Chief the routes the CFD would be "patrolling" in [XXX]. Were hearing from all over the City the CPD Brass is pushing for the use of CFD personnel to have a presence on the street during shift changes and in times when CPD is overloaded (which I suppose is all the time).

      I'm not sure what our duties will be because, of course, we have heard nothing about this from our bosses. I guess we'll find out soon. Keep up the Good Work.
    So unarmed firefighters, driving rigs that cost many hundreds of dollars per hour to operate, are going to pick up the "slack" during shift change? Wow. Why not garbage trucks? Or how about the street light crews up in their cherry-pickers? Good sight lines up high.

    All of these parties are going to be deputized? Given handcuffs? Trained in the Use of Force? Indemnified?


    Gun Sharing

    The anit-gunners out again:
    • An art exhibit opening in Chicago’s Daley Plaza suggests buying an AR-15 is no more complicated than renting a bike.

      The exhibit does not explain that we have a natural, God-given right to keep and bear arms but no constitutional right to bicycles.

      CNN reports that the exhibit shows ten fake AR-15s in a rack that looks like the rack from which one can rent a bicycle in larger cities. The exhibit is a project shared by The Escape Pod, a Chicago advertising agency, and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.
    The accompanying picture is amusing Our readers have spoken of something similar to make carjacking easier:

    Isn't it great when people who have never bought (and will never buy) a gun tell you how easy it is to actually buy a gun?

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    Rahm is all over his twitter feed bragging about streetlight installations:
    • Watch live at 11:15am as we announce the Chicago streetlight modernization program has updated 42,000 streetlights across the South and West sides, which will generate over $100M in taxpayer savings over the next decade

    • “This project is a win-win – it will deliver one of the largest lighting modernization programs in the country while addressing one of the top reasons residents call 311.”
    McStreetlights could make some hay out of this, pointing out how he used to shoot out streetlights at other commands with his brother and provided jobs for city workers.


    Sunday, May 13, 2018

    Sergeant Promotions

    List out, late Friday:

    And how many of the "merit" nominations came from Patrol, the so-called "backbone" of the Department, as stated by Special Ed and so many other bosses? Three out of fifteen. [corrected]

    What are the rules for nominations again? Because we see all sorts of bosses nominating people who aren't under their commands and one boss with nominees from two different units. And how many commanders does Unit 606 have?


    Where's the "Reflection?"

    Hey, is anyone else as disturbed as we are that the current mayoral field doesn't adequately represent the racial make-up of Chicago? We found one person who noticed:
    • I heard a story the other day about Dan Rostenkowski, one of the legendary figures of Chicago politics. It’s a story that pertains to the silence around two important developments in the race for mayor of Chicago. They’re both critically important to Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s re-election chances, and yet little if anything is being said about them.

      One is the unexplainable absence of a Latino candidate challenging Emanuel in a city where Latino politics is dynamic. Emanuel has problems with African-American voters over his handling of the Laquan McDonald police video, but he’s making new friends among Latino politicians by promoting Chicago as a sanctuary city, and by issuing that city ID, available to citizens and noncitizens.

      He’s Mayor Zorro now. And there’s no Latino candidate.
    Rahm has been pushing for years now to have the Department "reflect" the city. Prickwrinkle and Dart insist that the jail population is too skewed toward "black and brown" criminals, so bail conditions had to be reformed, charges are adjusted constantly, and pretty much zero enforcement can be taken against ne'er-do-wells lest you be accused of all manner of transgression.

    And now Chicago has three white guys and five black candidates running for office. It's just so disturbing.... reflectively speaking we mean.


    Background Checks?

    Doesn't a background check reveal any of this crap? We guess knowing the right people can pay off in the long run. Case in point:
    • A former Chicago cop who was sentenced to federal prison for leaking sensitive police information to her gang-leader boyfriend was still able to land a job with the state of Illinois investigating doctors despite her criminal background, records show.

      In 2006, Officer Tashika Miner was arrested in a drug investigation called Operation Snake Bite, which targeted sales of deadly fentanyl-laced heroin in the Chicago Housing Authority’s Dearborn Homes public housing complex on the South Side.

      Miner, whose last name was Sledge then, was giving Mickey Cobras leader Lynn Barksdale access to a police database to help him determine which members of the gang were under surveillance, according to prosecutors.

      Working for the Chicago Police Department, she had patrolled the Dearborn Homes, where she began her relationship with Barksdale. She helped protect his drug operations in the complex, prosecutors said.
    And for some reason, she'll be used to smear the Department as a whole, even though CPD managed to fire her years ago following conviction.

    If only she had stuck around, she'd probably be a "merit" that captain who raised the salad tosser.


    Lori Lied?

    • When Mayor Rahm Emanuel reappointed Lori Lightfoot to head the Chicago Police Board in August, she said she wasn’t running for mayor against him.

      Weeks later, though, Lightfoot purchased the website domain name that eventually would become her campaign site, along with several others. That was about nine months before she announced her bid Thursday.
    To be fair, Rahm hadn't told her she was running for mayor yet.


    Saturday, May 12, 2018

    Look Who Woke Up

    Fran stirred from her slumber and noticed that an alderman was paying attention to alternative blogs who weren't involved in the Rahm-bargo of actual news happening downtown:
    • The Chicago Police Department is scrambling to explain why the parents of a 21-year-old suburban man – who suffered a serious head injury after a Gold Coast attack by a mob of teenagers – were ignored for days when they tried to file a police report.

      Local Ald. Brian Hopkins (2nd) said Friday the young man, whose family wishes to remain anonymous, is in the intensive care unit at Northwestern Memorial Hospital six days after the Saturday evening incident.

      Hopkins went to the hospital this week and spent several hours talking to the parents. He also talked at length to the girlfriend who described the harrowing attack in detail.

      After spending the day at Oak Street Beach, the girlfriend claims she and her boyfriend were walking back to their car at around 6 p.m. in the vicinity of the 900 block of North Lake Shore Drive when they were surrounded by “20-to-25 offenders who gathered around them,” Hopkins said.
    Notice how Fran slimes the victim:
    • ...the girlfriend claims...
    As if the girl just made up the story and her boyfriend put himself into the Northwestern ICU after fracturing his own skull.

    Fran then asks the obvious question:
    • Hopkins was asked whether he believes there was an attempt to cover up the incident to avoid a black eye that could have a chilling effect on retailers, restaurants, bars and tourism.

      “I would be deeply shocked and disturbed if that turned out to be the case. I expect better from our law enforcement. I don’t think that would happen. I don’t believe that’s the explanation,” Hopkins said.
    Hopkins and Fran need to familiarize themselves with the three-part Chicago Magazine report from a few years back that outlined exactly how Chicago (taking a page from NYPD) killed crime on a regular basis, up to and including murders. Anyone remember what NYPD and CPD had in common during those times? A certain McMayoral candidate maybe?

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    Kind of Ironic

    The Police Recognition Luncheon was held today. Someone recognized police cars in a not-so-nice way during the event:
    • One person was arrested after smashing the windows of several Chicago police cars as officers attended an awards ceremony in the Loop on Friday afternoon, police said.

      It happened on Lower Wacker Drive near Stetson Avenue, where the cars were parked, police said.

      As the officers were inside the Hyatt Regency Chicago for the annual recognition ceremony, the suspect used a bat or bricks to demolish the front and rear windshields of one marked car and about six unmarked cars, police said.
    It's so nice to be appreciated.


    "Red Line"

    The new television season is being ordered by the networks and guess what's getting it's own one-hour drama?
    • "The Red Line," from writers and co-executive producers Caitlin Parrish and Erica Weiss, hails from Warner Bros. Television. After a white cop in Chicago mistakenly shoots and kills a black doctor, the show follows three different families that all have connections with the case as the story is told from each perspective. Ava DuVernay, Berlanti and Schechter also serve as executive producers. It stars Noah Wyle, Emayatzy Corinealdi, Aliyah Royale, Noel Fisher, Michael Patrick Thornton, Vinny Chhibber, Howard Charles and Elizabeth Laidlaw.
    Sounds like yet another lib-tarded disaster in the making. We're guessing they won't even touch on the constant wilding directly attributable to Red Line customers and the favorite escape route of the same.

    How about the FOP ban any member from working on this shit-show?


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