Saturday, August 01, 2015

Another "Assumed" Budget

We've railed at this before, but basing the budget on "projected revenue" is the same as basing it on hopes and dreams that one day, a money tree will suddenly start sprouting hundred dollar bills:
  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Friday released a financial analysis that projects a $426 million budget shortfall in 2016, but only if three rosy and risky assumptions turn out to be correct.

    The shortfall does not include a $328 million payment to police and fire pension funds that Emanuel conveniently left out of his pre-election budget. Add that in and the revenue gap grows to $754 million even with the risks the mayor is taking.
So right away, this budget is a lie. That payment is law. And there goes Mayor 9.5 submitting what for all intents and purposes is a lie. And just what are these "assumptions" Rahm is hoping for?
  • One week after a judge overturned his plan to save the Municipal Employees and Laborers pension funds, Emanuel is counting on the Illinois Supreme Court to reverse that decision.
That's a long shot, unless a lot of money has changed hands.
  • The mayor’s forecast also assumes that Gov. Bruce Rauner will sign legislation giving Chicago 15 more years to ramp up to 90 percent funding levels for the police and fire pension funds.
Not as long of a long-shot, but still a big hammer Rauner has to beat Rahm with, if he was in the mood.
  • The third assumption is that Emanuel will be allowed to complete a three-year phase-out of the city’s 55 percent subsidy for retiree health care — and that a lawsuit that seeks to reinstate the $108.7 million-a-year subsidy falls flat.
And that lawsuit is wending its way through the courts now. Rahm wants everyone in Obamacare where his brother decides if you've outlived your usefulness. The article finishes with Fran Spielman felatiating Rahm's junk again:
  • But in the long run, Chicago taxpayers will be forced to pay hundreds of millions of dollars more to save the two pension funds because employees and retirees won’t be meeting them half way.
You nasty nasty retirees! Just because Daley took all your pension money and spent it on pet projects for votes while leaving a bunch of worthless IOU's in the candy jar, you think you're entitled to a pension? Who do you think you are, politicians? Go find a comfortable cardboard box and some moth-eaten blankets and live in an alley you worms.

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Well Done Baltimore Citizens

  • Baltimore reached a grim milestone on Friday, three months after riots erupted in response to the death of Freddie Gray in police custody: With 43 homicides in July, the city has seen more bloodshed in a single month than it has in 43 years.

    The 43rd recorded homicide was Jermaine Miller, 18, who was shot in the head just before noon the day before.

    With his death on Friday, this year's total homicides reached 187, far outpacing the 119 killings by July's end in 2014. Non-fatal shootings have soared to 366, compared to 200 by the same date last year. July's total was the worst since the city recorded 45 killings in August 1972, according to The Baltimore Sun.
You know what might work? CompStat! Maybe Garry Mr. McCarthy could apply?


Trib Gets One Right

  • Chicago police are alerting women on the Northwest Side to be careful after a man groped several women in the Lincoln Square neighborhood.The man is wanted for criminal sexual abuse involving the women on July 26 and July 27, according to police.

  • The man is described as a white Hispanic man between 19 and 30 years old. He is described as 5 feet 7 inches to 5 feet 8 inches tall. He weighs been 155 and 160 pounds and has a slim build and short dark hair.

    The man was wearing a black hoodie with a white t-shirt and dark jeans in one instance and a white t-shirt and dark shorts in the other, police said.
Gotta make sure that the white females aren't profiling. But in every other single instance, let your imagination run wild? Morons.

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Friday, July 31, 2015

More Nails in the Coffin

  • Aldermen submitted an ordinance Wednesday intended to end what they said is racial profiling by the Chicago Police Department.

    Calling it a "crucial ordinance," lead sponsor Ald. Joe Moreno (1st) urged support for what would become the Stop, Transparency, Oversight and Protection Act. The measure would call on the police department to keep records of all "stop and frisk" incidents along with the race of the person stopped, and would also require police to give receipts to anyone stopped and not arrested.

    Aldermen insisted it was not intended to burden police officers, but instead would gather data to ensure police do not engage in "racial profiling," according to Ald. Roberto Maldonado (26th).
First of all Joe, there is no "stop-and-frisk" policy or directive of any kind in Chicago. Never has been. We perform street stops, and they are actually rather tightly regulated by the law of the land. "Articulable Suspicion" or what we used to call "a hunch" leads us to further weigh the facts at hand to see if an actual street stops is in order, warranted or required.

Then, we already keep records of the stops called "Contact Cards." The Contact Cards are supposed to be destroyed (or wiped from the computers" after 6 months, but as a result of numerous lawsuits filed by lawyers looking to get rich off the city taxpayers, these records are under court order not to be destroyed, meaning years and years of data is backed up.

Just two questions Joe:
  1. what kind of ward to you represent? Is it one of the "super-majority" Hispanic wards? The one with solid lower and middle class families living cheek-to-jowl, not unlike the Micks, Wops, Polacks, and Bohunks did in years past before moving on to the outer city limits and suburbs?
  2. what type of citizen would you expect the cops to stop in the neighborhood you represent? Because last time we checked, this city was one of the most racially segregated cities in existence. The media probably runs two or three stories a year on how far Chicago has to go before "true equality" is achieved. So white, black and brown coppers are mostly stopping Hispanics in your neighborhood, right? How is that profiling when they make up 90% or more of the population?
And another thing Joe - have you heard of the TSSS? The Traffic Stop Safety Study is the only piece of legislation to come out of Springfield bearing the name of a little known pinhead named Obama. It was supposed to run for two years and tracked every stop made by police. You know what it revealed at the cost of millions of dollars and tens of millions of man hours?
  • Chicago Police don't racially profile. In fact, we don't think there is a Department in Illinois that can be credibly shown by any study to have racially profiled in the past 25 years.
This so incensed the legislature that they authorized the study to go on for an open-ended number of years - - it's still going on right now, something like eight or nine years. And for the life of us, we can't recall a single charge or allegation of racial profiling ever being brought before a court or a committee anywhere in Illinois.

So you know what Joe - you're correct in one thing. This won't be burdensome on us personally and many many other coppers either....because we just won't stop a damn thing. Too much of this job is useless paperwork already. The environmental cost in dead trees probably makes Al Gore blush. So we're going to do our part and not generate any paper that might endanger Mother Earth and we are going to encourage everyone else to do the same.


Acting Crazy

  • He started off in unintelligible mumbles and spoke in a tone so soft no one could hear.

    At times, Bryant Brewer seemed confused and repeated questions his attorney asked him about the afternoon he claimed he shot Chicago Police Officer Thor Soderberg in self-defense.

    But when the alleged cop killer was grilled Thursday about inconsistencies in his testimony and pressed about a possible beef he had with police, Brewer lashed out, hurling expletives and threatening to spit at a Cook County prosecutor.
It's an act, and anything less than life in prison would be a travesty.


As We Said...

That "turning your life around" doesn't mean shit if you keep turning to go 360-degrees:
  • Chicago Police claim a man exonerated of a murder charge in 2012 after serving 17 years in prison was fatally shot by someone he was trying to rob Tuesday afternoon on the Near West Side.
The shooter is a real winner, too - thank goodness they both had properly registered and licensed handguns.


This Explains the Videos

The Department has been hammering the Pursuit Training videos that past few days at roll call - this must be why:
  • Three men and a teenage boy who led police on an eight-mile chase late Monday and eventually crashed their vehicle in Chicago Lawn are facing a slew of charges for attempted robbery and carjacking.

    Officers responding to a call of shots fired near Kedzie and Carroll about 10:30 p.m. saw a minivan driving erratically southbound on Kedzie, according to Chicago Police.

    One of the minivan’s occupants then fired shots at another vehicle, and officers pursued the minivan until it ran a red light and hit two cars in the 5900 block of South Western, police said.
Everyone is edgy after the baby got run over in the stroller, but as we pointed out, if you can't chase offenders for murder, you're going to see a lot more murderers getting away.

This appears to be the same thing - on view carjacking and shots fired - why wouldn't the police chase and capture the offenders? The "Balancing Test" is to determine whether the necessity of apprehension outweighs the danger to the public. Call us silly, but the public is in a lot more danger that these animals will be out there jacking people over and over again unless they are apprehended at some point, and apprehension is going to mean a chase somewhere along the line.

That's what the City lawyers and Department egghead have bred into the criminal mind - if you run, Chicago won't chase. Don't believe us, believe what you're seeing with your own eyes. Hell, we wrote about this exact scenario a couple of times in the past ten years and it's happening exactly as we and our readers predicted.


Seriously Media?

  • Police are warning Belmont Cragin residents about two teenagers robbing women at gunpoint in the Northwest Side neighborhood.

    The teens walk up to women, pull out a dark handgun and demand their cell phones, purses and cash, according to the community alert from Area North detectives.

    The robberies happened at 4:55 p.m. Monday in the 6100 block of West Palmer and at 2 p.m. Wednesday in the 6100 block of West Grand.

    During both robberies, the teens had a black handgun with white grips, police said.
What a great story - they almost describe the gun.....but not the offenders. So any woman walking in Belmont-Cragin who sees a teenager, better tighten their grip on the purse, unholster the mace, call the police and cross to the other side of the street.

And don't tell us the Department didn't release a halfway decent description of the offenders. They did.

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

How About a List?

  • The white University of Cincinnati police officer who shot unarmed black man Samuel Dubose during a traffic stop has been indicted on a murder charge, a prosecutor announced Wednesday, saying the cop "purposely" killed the motorist and "should never have been a police officer."

    In announcing the charge against officer Ray Tensing, Hamilton County prosecutor Joe Deters lambasted the cop over the July 19 death of Dubose, 43, saying the fatal shooting was "the most asinine act I've ever seen a police officer make."
Pardon us, but that sounds a bit prejudicial to the "fair trial" rule of law. We assume that Joe Deters has proof of the hiring process, the standards of Ohio for qualifying officers, and a list of "asinine act(s)" to compare this one to?
  • "He wasn't dealing with someone who was wanted for murder, OK? He was dealing with someone who didn't have a front license plate," Deters said of Tensing, who joined the university force in April 2014. "I mean, this is, in the vernacular, a pretty chicken-crap stop, all right? And — I could use harsher words."

    He added that even if Dubose was starting to "roll away," the officer should have just let him go.
If this is such did he put it? "chicken-crap stop," then why did the legislature pass the law in the first place? Police are pretty much obligated to stop people who are breaking the law and maintain the standards set by the elected representatives. The words "Law" and "Enforcement" pretty much appear in the job description, unless they've been removed recently? And we imagine the prosecutor is going to regret uttering the thought that if someone starts to "roll away," officers should just let them go.

How about the states attorneys, prosecuting attorneys, or district attorneys in every one of the 50 states provide police a list of offenses that certain people don't have to obey or comply with? That would make everything simpler for everyone, wouldn't it? We wouldn't have these incident popping up with the potential for so much misunderstanding and violence when everyone is supposed to be equal before the law, right?

We'll even help start a list:
  • strong armed robbery in Ferguson and not be stopped
  • sell loose cigarettes in New York and not be stopped
  • drive without a front license plate in Cincinnati
  • loiter on street corners, flag down cars and sell dope or sex
  • resist arrests, lawful or not, based on street lawyer experience or rap lyrics
  • pretty much any gun offense on the streets of Chiraq
That being said and the unedited video not being shown by the media, an intelligent person cannot even make an educated guess as to what fully transpired. Yet the prosecutor has already condemned the accused to "purposefully" killing a motorist, claimed the entire hiring and training regimen suspect (thereby attacking all police officers of this department), and cemented this as the "most asinine act" in the history of policing, tainting any jury within a few hundred miles of Cincinnati.

"Railroading" doesn't even come close to describing this.


Cleared Killer Killed

  • On the day he was finally released from prison after murder charges were dropped, Alprentiss Nash vowed he would use his freedom studying to become a chef, learning about antique cars and traveling.And in the nearly three years since, he kept true to his word, visiting New Orleans, Miami and Atlanta and learning to ski at a resort in Wisconsin.

    He also bought a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and a 1960 Buick Electra 225 and completed a culinary program.

    "He was really happy to be free, and he never talked about his time in prison," said Nash's mother, Yvette Martin. "He wanted to just get past it and be happy. He was overjoyed and excited about building a new life."

    But on Tuesday afternoon, Nash's second chance at life came to a tragic end as he was gunned down while leaving a currency exchange on the Near West Side, according to Chicago police and his family. A person of interest is being questioned, authorities said.

    Nash's family believes he was the target of an armed robbery.
Target? Hahahahaha.
  • Two guns were recovered at the scene - his and the shooters.
  • Preliminary reports are that this was a dope deal gone bad
  • Word on the scene was this was the third time Nash has stuck up the detained subject and he finally got what was coming to him.
Not surprising at all.


Don't Lie?

  • In an unusual move, Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy sent a letter to the rank-and-file Wednesday saying he will move to fire an officer for allegedly lying to investigators about his involvement in an off-duty shooting.

    McCarthy is asking the Chicago Police Board to terminate Officer Francisco Perez, who fired at the wrong car after witnessing a fatal drive-by shooting Nov. 5, 2011, according to investigators.

    Police sources said McCarthy isn’t seeking to fire Perez because of his mistake — but because he gave investigators false information.
If you are found to have deliberately lied during the course of an investigation, you have to be prepared to pay the piper. We get that. It's kind of spelled out in the Rules and Regulations. But it's also a fact that those Rules have been bent so many times as to be meaningless in so many situations and is applied unequally across the board.

We don't know why Garry Mr McCarthy is singling out this incident for the media to make hay out of. Something smells rotten here but we can't put our finger on it.

In the meantime, in the interest of truthfulness and not lying, a series of questions for a certain someone:
  • What really happened in when your daughter got pulled over and called you back east?
  • What did those streetlights ever do to offend you?
  • Did you and your brother really yell the n-word at passing black motorists?
  • Could you brief us on the White Eagle incident that Niles PD so quickly buried, not even generating a case report?
Don't lie.


Pin In Accident

Word of a squad car accident on the north side where the officer(s) had to be cut out of the car. Might be in the Old Irving neighborhood. We'll update when we hear more.


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Soderberg Trial Continues

  • The bench trial is underway for the man accused of murdering a Chicago police officer with his own weapon.

    Attorneys presented their opening statements just before noon at the Criminal Courts Building. Also in the courtroom is a group of uniformed police officers showing their support for their fallen comrade, Officer Thor Soderberg.

    Bryant Brewer faces 20 counts, including first degree murder and resisting arrest.

    Prosecutors say Brewer got into a fight with Officer Soderberg outside an Englewood police station, grabbed the officer’s gun and shot him several times.

    The defense during its opening statements said their client acted in self defense and that surveillance video from that day is missing 12 minutes of crucial footage that might better show what lead to the fatal shooting.
So pretty much the defense is making up shit because the city, in its never-ending quest for cheapness, can't maintain any type of video system - in-car cameras, body cameras, traffic cameras, blue light cameras, security cameras, etc etc., thereby leaving the defense an out to make up any story it likes.

Dramatic testimony Tuesday:
  • Chicago police Officer Lynn Casey thought she heard fireworks exploding outside the front door of an Englewood police deployment center where she was working desk duty.

    She stepped outside on the hot July day in 2010 to discover a shirtless man covered in blood. She called out to him, asking if he needed help.

    What she didn't realize was that the man, Bryant Brewer, had just shot and killed Officer Thor Soderberg in the adjoining parking lot.

    Testifying Tuesday at Brewer's murder trial, Casey, now 55, said Brewer turned toward her, raised his right hand and began firing at her with what turned out to be Soderberg's service weapon.

    Dramatic video from a surveillance camera that was played in court Tuesday showed Casey taking cover on the driver's side of a squad car as Brewer chased her.
The trial continues today. There should be notices up if you're at 26th Street today.


What Matters Again??

  • The photographs went online earlier this month after a 27-year-old man was gunned down in South Los Angeles. One showed a man flashing a chrome handgun from his jacket pocket. In another, a young man held a pistol in each hand.

    “Better wake up,” one person wrote on Instagram. “It's a war goin' on.”

    “This area ain't safe right now,” someone else posted with a map showing a portion of South L.A.

    The warnings of increased gang violence intensified across social media platforms this weekend after more than half a dozen shootings in South L.A. left one man dead and 12 people wounded.

    The postings created an echo chamber in which it was difficult to determine what was a real threat and what was rumor. One of the most incendiary claims was that a gang had vowed 100 days of violence after the 27-year-old man was killed on July 17, sparking alarming hashtags such as #100days100nights and #PrayforLA on Twitter and other sites.
The Chief is downplaying the significance of the threats - what else is he going to do? But he met with his gang officers and extra patrols are in the affected areas. Based on how the cockroaches like Chief Queef and his crew get on social media and the number of murders that follow, you can't discount this stupidity.


No-lympics for Boston

  • It sounds impossible, but it's true. The Democrat mayor of Boston has ended his application for the Olympics because...of concerns that taxpayers would have to foot too high a bill for it.

    The mayor of Boston, Martin J. Walsh ... distanced himself from the bid completely. At a dramatic, hastily arranged news conference, he announced that if the U.S.O.C. demanded that he sign a host city contract by the end of the day Monday, he would not do so, acknowledging that this would kill Boston’s bid for the Games. He said he had wanted more time to conduct his due diligence on the guarantees required and a full review of a risk and mitigation package proposed last week.

    “I cannot commit to putting the taxpayers at risk,” the mayor declared. “If committing to signing a guarantee today is what’s required to move forward, then Boston is no longer pursuing the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.”
If only we had had a mayor who thought like this a few years ago, Chicago would only be 25 years from complete bankruptcy instead of 15.


So a Priest and a Rabbi...

Supporting our Chaplains Ministry:
  • Join Rabbi Moshe Wolf and Fr. Dan Brandt for happy hour on Tuesday, 11 AUG, 5:30 - 8:00, at O'Brien's on North and Wells in Old Town.  FREE VALET PARKING!  RSVP needed.  A tax-deductible $50 donation to Police Chaplains Ministry gets you unlimited food/drink and goes to a great cause supporting our ministry and our work with Gold Star Families!  
    Speaking of Gold Star Families.... this Sunday (02 AUG) is a Blue Mass at Resurrection Parish (Nelson and Francisco in 014).  It's at 11:15 a.m., and right after Mass we will dedicate a newly-erected statue outside the church honoring St. Michael the Archangel, patron of police.  Join our Knights of Columbus, our CPD Honor Guard, the Mounted Unit, and hundreds of others in remembering our fallen officers.  Uniforms optional.
    More info at
See you there. We'll be the ones in disguise


Tuesday, July 28, 2015


See if you can do some real journalism and put these pieces together:
  • Rauner is looking to reduce prison population by 25% and gassing them isn't on the table, meaning he's going to release them back into society;
  • Cook County has been trying to do their part by releasing anyone and everyone back into society with low bails and reduced sentencing, to the point of violating state laws by sending ineligible people to Boot Camp;
  • CPD hasn't kept up with retirements for a decade now and we're 2,000 to 4,000 officers short of what we were when the 1990's were rolling along (depending on who's numbers you believe);
  • CPD is currently running a number of overtime initiatives in distressed areas of the city - the same areas that many of these newly freed prisoners will be returning to...areas already known to have a high number of open air drug markets, felons with self control problems, guns and daily violence as a matter of course;
  • the media fosters an anti-police attitude among the populace, even when such incidents are proven, time and again, to be illusory at best, lies at worst, even in the case of a mentally ill woman committing suicide.
Now go do some research and come up with something better than that piece of crap from the other day about how Chicago leads the nation in numbers of offenders killed by the police. It might actually look like you tried to be journalists.


Bad Idea

  • Prison population in Illinois is down, but the state’s facilities remain overcrowded.

    Latest figures from the Illinois Department of Corrections show prisons in the state contained 47,483 inmates in May. That was the lowest population since May of 2010, which was 47,150.

    The May 2010 numbers represent the beginning of a rapid rise in the number of prisoners flooding the system after former Gov. Pat Quinn cancelled a controversial early prisoner release program. The number of inmates peaked at 49,321 in January 2013.
That's because "early release" prisoners happened to be committing crimes as soon as they got out, in some cases, right after the bus ride downstate, they got walking papers and returned home the next day. Countless assaults, batteries, robberies, and more than a couple murders were directly attributed to Quinn's un-publicized program that essentially wrecked the justice system in Illinois.

Now, it's going to return in another form:
  • However-state prisons are designed to house only 32,000 prisoners. That’s why Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner has asked a special committee to study how to reduce prison population. He wants a 25 percent reduction over the next decade.

    Rauner’s commission has already stated the need for a balance between sending too many people to prison and making sure the public is safe.
Here's the thing Brucie - if people are in prison, then they can't commit crimes against most decent people. It's true - we looked it up. Of course, if they're in prison, they can't vote for democrats either, which was one of the reason behind Quinn's secret program in the first place.

You want the public to be safe, you lock up the animals in cages and make them serve 100% of their sentence. If it's long enough, they learn not to do bad things. If it isn't, then you increase the sentence next time. Then they come out too old to be complete assholes anymore. If they are, they go back to prison and they die there. Three strikes.


Weekend Roundup

  • Three teens and four others were killed across Chicago between Friday afternoon and Monday morning and 35 others survived gunshot wounds during the same period.
 And another six shot Monday evening.

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Off Duty Shot at Side Job

  • A man accused of grabbing an off-duty Chicago Police officer’s service weapon and shooting her in the leg was ordered held without bail on Sunday.

    Raphael Jordan, 48, was charged with attempted murder of a police officer in the July 23 shooting in the 2200 block of East 69th Street in the South Shore neighborhood. Judge Adam D. Bourgeois Jr. ordered Jordan to be held without bail.

    The officer, a 37-year-old woman who was wearing her Chicago Police badge on her belt, was working as a security guard for a construction company when she saw Jordan walking away from the construction site with a hammer drill owned by the company, Assistant State’s Attorney Barry Quinn said in court Sunday
Best wishes to the Officer for a speedy recovery.


Thanks Andy Shaw

  • Chicago police have fatally shot 70 people over a five-year span, tops among departments in the largest U.S. cities.
Big deal - 14 people (and folks) a year. While non-police shootings top 400 regularly.
  • The Chicago victims were nearly all male. Most were black. More than half of the killings happened in six South Side police districts.
"victims"? The Victims were Chicago Police Officers you ass.
  • No other police department in any of the 10 most populous cities killed more people from 2010 through 2014, but Chicago ranks fourth behind Phoenix, Philadelphia and Dallas when the numbers are adjusted for population, according to a Better Government Association analysis of data obtained through interviews and open records requests.
And there's the per capita adjustment. Chicago doesn't even finish in the money. How about Shaw and his "organization" track the last year? The last two years? Because then Chicago doesn't even appear on the radar.

This is as lousy a piece of yellow journalism as we've seen in a long time.

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No More Nights Off

  • Three men have been killed and at least 16 other people have been wounded in separate shootings since Saturday evening across the city, police said.

    The 13 separate shooting incidents occurred in 12 different city neighborhoods, most on the South Side. Seven of those shootings occurred early Sunday morning.
Oh goes to hell whether or not we take a night off. Nearly twenty shot on a single Saturday night. CompStat this week is going to be another fun one.

We might take off another night in August, too.

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MFF Applications?

Seems the Department is asking for applicants for the so-called "Mobile Field Force."

If we recall, this was kind of a "MSF-lite." People bought their own riot gear, got some training, and were "on-call" while working in the event of a major disaster - kind of like the "Incident Teams" we still run, but with riot gear.

All we see this doing is shorting the Districts in the event of a call-out downtown.


Sunday, July 26, 2015

Taking the Day Off

SCC is tired, it's hot out, it's Sunday and we have a day we have to burn.

Open post for Sunday - we'll moderate comments sparingly, but you guys should take a day off, too.

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Truth or Rumor?

We'd certainly hope that union officials weren't using their positions to collude with those they negotiated against during their tenure:
  • Chairman Ed Burke called the Head of H. R. at the Chicago Park District. The Chairman ordered him to hire Marky Mark Donahue as the number three in charge of security for the Chicago Park District. I guess selling us out and supporting Ed Burke and the Dems paid off. The question is how does a union guy now order off duty cops around and moe importantly discipline then? Truly a Judas
Something like this might make someone think that their interests weren't ours, but rather their future employment prospects....kind of like Bill Nolan taking a 6-figure position at the jail, a spot he was qualified for how exactly? Oh yeah, selling out the membership to the Machine.


Another Shooting

  • A Chicago Police officer fatally shot a pit bull Friday evening in the Chatham neighborhood on the South Side.

    About 8:30 p.m., the “aggressive” dog charged at the officer in the 8200 block of South Maryland, police said.

    The officer then shot the dog and killed it, police said. The officer was not injured.
And this is a Sun Times story why?


And Here's the Lawsuit

  • The mother of Dillan Harris is suing 20 police officers, the City of Chicago and the man charged in her son's death. The 13-month-old boy was in his stroller when he was struck and killed by a car fleeing from police.

    "The only thing I have to say is my son was innocent. And he should not have died," Shatrelle McComb said Thursday at a news conference to announce the lawsuit.

    Antoine Watkins, 21, is accused of driving the car that jumped the curb, struck the stroller and dragged it into a vacant lot in the 6300-block of South Ellis Avenue in the city's Woodlawn neighborhood on July 11.
If you commit murder in Chicago, there is an over-70% chance you get away with it. This lawsuit will push that percentage to over 85%.


Friday, July 24, 2015

Pension Changes "Void"

  • A Cook County judge on Friday overturned the city's changes to two pension funds, declaring them "unconstitutional and void."

    In her ruling, Judge Rita Novak dismissed city arguments that the changes to the two pension funds amounted to a "net benefit" for retired workers because the city was guaranteeing the funds would be there.

    The state constitution, she wrote in her 35-page opinion, "removed diminishing benefits as a means of attaining pension stability." The city, under the state constitution, already is obligated to ensure pension funding because pension promises are "a contractual relationship between the employer and employee," the judge said.

    Novak also rejected the city's contention that because at least 27 of 31 affected unions agreed to the changes, it was a "bargained-for" change.
27 of 31 unions agreed to changes - and a judge overturned it.

Corp Counsel has already said they are appealing to the State Supreme Court, but the opinion cited at this level is taken directly from the previous Supreme Court ruling, so it's an uphill climb for Rahm.


$2.4 Million for One Block

Just one block in the 015 District (Austin) has received $2.4 million in State funding in five years. But you won't find it in street improvements. That might make sense:
  • In just five years, the State of Illinois dedicated more than $2.4 million to the 4800 block of West Adams Street in Austin.

    But don't look for new developments or freshly paved roads on that stretch of street, because that's not where the money went. No, $2.4 million is the amount of money the state spent on incarcerating people for drug offenses from that block alone.
Holy Crap Batman. has a link to the entire study of how much money is poured into the Department of Corrections based on incarceration rates. It's nothing we hadn't suspected before, but getting it all laid out in a spreadsheet and it's pretty impressive how much certain neighborhoods are a drain on society.


Stop Calling Him "Garry"

So, the meeting today was a ho-hum affair. Mr. McMcarthy has been released for street duty (post heart attack meds had kept him off the streets) and he will be making appearances at Roll Call, VRI, outdoor media circuses, hot calls and killings.

The hat-and-tat order is to be enforced mercilessly.

And if you see Mr. McCarthy eating breakfast, DO NOT call out, "Hi Garry!"

Yes, that was the big news. Mr. McCarthy objected strenuously to being addressed so while he was out dining recently. Familiarity breeds contempt and since Mr. McCarthy is from New York and already has contempt for the hicks in Chicago, he doesn't want any familiarity from the troops.

Now granted, we take liberties here with our sarcastic outlook, nicknaming just about everyone we can lay a glove on, but if we ran into the Supe off duty, or even on-duty as we have for awards, parades, shootings, NATO, etc, we're at the very least respectfully silent and if addressed or saluted and told "Congratulations" at a ceremony, we reply, "Thank you Sir," just because that's what you do. We save our vitriol for the bar ...the ice cream social.

....or the blog.


Biased? At IPRA?

  • A Chicago investigator who determined that several civilian shootings by police officers were unjustified was fired after resisting orders to reverse those findings, according to internal records of his agency obtained by WBEZ.

    Scott M. Ando, chief administrator of the city’s Independent Police Review Authority, informed its staff in a July 9 email that the agency no longer employed supervising investigator Lorenzo Davis, 65, a former Chicago police commander. IPRA investigates police-brutality complaints and recommends any punishment.

    Davis’s termination came less than two weeks after top IPRA officials, evaluating Davis’s job performance, accused him of “a clear bias against the police” and called him “the only supervisor at IPRA who resists making requested changes as directed by management in order to reflect the correct finding with respect to OIS,” as officer-involved shootings are known in the agency.
Now granted, WBEZ is National Public Radio, the most liberal and biased radio entity currently in existence, so their reporting is anything but impartial.

And the fact that they are championing Lorenzo, after his resignation from the Department in....well, let's just say the "cloud" over the Housing unit was more like a ground-level fog that airport spotlights couldn't cut amusing to anyone who remembers the bad old days.

But the fact that IPRA (and previously OPS), an organization that is no friend of the Department and has never been headed by anyone who cared a whit for the police, finds that Lorenzo has "a clear bias against the police...." well, that is saying something since the entire organization is built on an adversarial relationship with the Department. He's too biased for them? Wow.


Dangerous Neighborhood

  • A 19-year-old man was shot less than two blocks away from Chicago Police Headquarters Thursday night in Bronzeville.

    About 9:45 p.m., he was walking in the 3700 block of South Michigan when a vehicle pulled up and a gunman got out and opened fire, police News Affairs [...] said. CPD Headquarters is about two blocks north at 3510 S. Michigan Ave.

    The man was shot in the shoulder and taken to Stroger Hospital, where his condition stabilized....
They really ought to add some police to that 'hood.


Thursday, July 23, 2015

No CompStat Today

Just a general ass-chewing from the Superintendent:
  • SCC,

    All bosses coming in to HQ today. No CompStat, but rather a closed door session with McCarthy and his New York crew with all Patrol Division Gold Stars and all District XO's. Looks like the "crime is down" lie is falling apart as shootings are up hundreds and homicides are up three or four dozen.

    We'll let you know what we hear listening at the door.
We don't know what he expects. Shuffling the deck hasn't worked, cutting time off hasn't helped, adjusting hours and new shifts are burning people out and they're doing less with less.

Maybe cattle prods?


9mm Across the Board?

Well, not if you already had a .40 or a .45, but it looks like the Department has moved to only 9mm for all new hires and all striker-fired for new hires. Unless you had a bigger caliber pistol properly on record prior to Monday, you're out of luck.

Check the Admin fax messages for specifics. We think they're still offering transition courses, but only to striker-fired 9mm weapons, nothing else.


Englewood Shooting

  • A man was shot by police early Wednesday in the Englewood neighborhood after he pointed a gun at officers when he moved away from a crowd gathered there and officers told him to stop, police said.

    About 1:40 a.m., officers on patrol saw a large crowd in the street in the 5600 block of South Morgan Street, according to a news release from the Chicago Police Department.

    The officers saw someone separating from the crowd and holding his side as if he had a weapon, according to Chicago police Deputy Chief Carlos Velez.

    The officers told him to stop, at which point he turned, pulled a gun and pointed it at the officers, according to police.

    The officers then shot him. He was placed into custody and taken to a hospital. A weapon was found at the scene and taken in as evidence, Velez said.
The usual ghetto bullshit followed:
  • After the shooting, an agitated crowd surrounded the crime scene tape police used to block off a stretch of South Morgan Street. Dozens of people gathered along a sidewalk by a vacant lot, yelling and swearing at about 35 police officers stationed on the other side of the tape.

    “Y’all hiding behind your guns,” shouted a man in a blue shirt. “I’m mad as f---. I’m hurt. I’m hurt, bro.” A nearby man took him in his arms and tried to calm him down.

    An officer addressed a different man yelling on the other side of the tape: “Brother, stop it, the f---ing show’s over.” He was met with even louder shouted curses.

    Police officers widened the perimeter of the scene, stretching tape farther north on Morgan Street and farther west into the vacant lot.

    “Y’all going to stereotype the f--- out of him,” said a man in a White Sox cap. “Y’all got Tasers, for what? Y’all got mace, for what?”

    The crowd slowly grew smaller, but the man in the White Sox cap and the man in the blue shirt remained.

    “Y’all shot first!” shouted the man in the blue shirt.
No shit we shot first dumbass - show us a rule, ordinance or law that says we have to take incoming fire before returning and we'll personally sign over a years worth of paychecks to your unwashed, uneducated, unemployed ass.

Good job to all involved.


Nice Arrest

  • Police in northwest Wisconsin arrested a suspect Wednesday afternoon in the July Fourth Chicago slaying of 7-year-old Amari Brown, police said.

    Rasheed Martin, 20, was arrested at a home in Superior, Wis., about 460 miles northwest of Chicago near the Wisconsin-Minnesota border, according to authorities. A warrant for Martin's arrest, charging him with first-degree murder, was issued Friday, according to Cook County court records. He is being held in the Douglas County, Wis., jail, and awaiting extradition to Chicago.

    Police believe Martin went to the 1100 block of North Harding Avenue about 11:55 p.m. on the Fourth of July and opened fire at a group of people, killing Amari and wounding a 26-year-old woman. At the time he was killed, Amari was with his father in the Humboldt Park neighborhood after spending the day at his grandmother's house for a July Fourth celebration, family said at the time.
Nice job to all the involved investigators.

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More Debt for CPS

  • Chicago’s newly constituted Board of Education voted unanimously Wednesday to authorize up to $1.2 billion in long-term bonds so the district can pay for ongoing capital projects, fees on past borrowing and some costs of refinancing old debt.

    That’s on top of the $1.1 billion the board approved last month in short-term lines of credit — and it won’t stave off about $200 million in cuts and 1,000-plus layoffs the district already announced.
You know what they say - if you owe the bank a million dollars, you have a problem. If you owe the bank a billion dollar, the bank has a problem.

That being said, you don't cure a money problem by giving the CPS more money any more than you cure an alcoholic by plying him with moonshine.


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